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Stone Soup Kitchen Project

Stone Soup Kitchen ProjectHere is a flier I am taking to various churches, restaurants and other places with community-grade kitchen facilities.

Click on the image for a better view of it.

In case of disaster, The Bitterroot may be on its own for an extended time. Red Cross, FEMA and others will have their hands full in populated areas. It is up to us to prepare ourselves and our community.

Therefore, we need a way to feed ourselves as well as those who are unable to. There is no other way to get along with them … and cooperation is necessary for civilization to continue.

THE STONE SOUP KITCHENS will accept anonymous donations of food and turn it into nutritious meals for those who are hungry.

We stave off starvation so the community may work together on more important things.

TODAY you can talk to the people at those places who have volunteered to be sites for Stone Soup Kitchens, and hopefully help encourage them and others to participate.

TODAY you can store up beans, rice, grains, other staples and emergency gear to help long-term community survival.

Tomorrow brings what it will.

Hopefully our regrets will be small.

Here is the Stone Soup Kitchen Project flier as a .pdf document for formatted printing.

Stone Soup Kitchen Project

Please print one or more copies of this flier. Share the flier and concept with your neighbors and, particularly, anyone with a facility that could potentially be one of the Stone Soup Kitchens.