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This organizational document is, with permission, directly copied from There is a wealth of information there that I will not reproduce here. Check it out. – Ted

BSOSC (Bitteroot Survival Outfitting Systems Co-op)

Self-Reliance Group Preparedness Organizational Guide

It is far better to be prepared 10 years too soon than 10 minutes too late. The two tragic questions we hope to never have to ask ourselves are: 1) What should I have done? and 2) Why did I not do it?

The following seven task forces are prioritized on survivability in the event of natural or manmade disasters from temporary to long-term lifestyle changing events. The ever evolving committees and sub-committees over the last 15 years of development are only those presently constituted and do not remotely represent the entirety of all that could be addressed in preparedness. Some committees will be dropped and some added as needs evolve. These present ones are only our latest evolution.

Each of the seven task forces is listed, followed by the reasons for its prioritization. The subject specific committees and sub-committees are listed under each task force.

I. Mental/Spiritual Info…Task Force #1

It is imperative to have the best possible preparedness library of “How To” books, DVDs etc., starting with
spiritual and including every self-reliance “how to” skill that can be developed by your group of folks.
Why: Failure to be mentally/spiritually prepared will lead to the very quickest emergency event cause of
death via panic decisions and irrational thinking. If you cannot stay calm and composed in the face of crisis,
you could be dead in minutes. First you must have a strong spiritual, mental resolve supported with survival
knowledge and skills. After the emergency event resulting in disruption of normal services and supplies, you
are going to need to know how to do most everything for yourself.
Unprepard Life Expectancy: Could be as little as a few minutes.

A. Awakening Committee

1. Spiritual
2. Guidance: Dowsing; Energy Fields; Remote Viewing
3. Systems: Ceremony; Ritual; Methods; Tools; Structures

B. Self-Reliance Info Committee

1. Homesteading Info
2. Urban Survival Info
3. Wilderness Survival Info

C. Awareness Info Committee

1. Economic
2. Political
3. Geological/Climatological

II. Shelter…Task Force #2

Shelter: Ideally, all folks should have the best disaster resistant home or at least emergency, portable shelter one can afford, so they have safe shelter.  It is important to learn numerous designs for temporary to permanent shelters, below and above ground, to be enabled to implement which works best in each individual case.
Why: Failure to be sheltered from the elements is the second quickest cause of death in an emergency situation. In extreme heat or cold, radiation or other fallout, you could die within an hour or less in these quickly occurring extreme cold or fallout events.  Likewise earthquake, windstorm and fire resistance of safe shelters could be critical.
Unprepard Life Expectancy: Could be less than an hour.

A. Portable Emergency Evacuation Shelter

1. Tipi – Pyrapi – Tent
2. BOV (Bug-Out Vehicles) RV Campers
3. Foraged Shelter: Debris Hut – Snow Cave

B. Underground Shelter

C. Disaster-Proof Shelter

D. Alternative Home Construction Shelter

1. Straw Bale
2. Earth Ship
3. Cordwood
4. Native Cultures Lodges

E. Alternative Shelter Support Systems

1. Heating
2. Lighting
3. Water Heating
4. Safe Air – NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration Systems

III. Water…Task Force #3

Water: Any preparation you can make in assuring an uninterrupted, clean water supply is critical beyond
anything other than your shelter. You must address: water procurement; purification; storage; pumping; etc.
Why: Failure to have an adequate, safe water storage and supply will lead to death in about 4-5 days.  The
risk would increase if dependent upon consuming contaminated water of unknown safety and purity.
Unprepard Life Expectancy: Would most likely be less than a week.

A. Storage and Water Purification Systems

1. Cisterns and Rain Barrels
2. Static Storage Systems
3. Dynamic Storage Systems

B. Pumping

1. Hand Pumps
2. Off-Grid Systems: Solar; Hydro; etc.
3. Low Energy: Soft-Start Pumps, etc.

C. Wells

1. Hand Dug
2. Drilled: Rotary Rig; Cable Tool Rig; Small Portable Power Systems
3. Locating Well Sites: Dowsing; Geology-Topography

D. Pond & Septic Systems-Maintenance

1. Pond Design and Maintenance
2. Septic Design and Maintenance
3. Pond Livestock Development: Fish; Birds; and Animals

IV. Nutrition/Health…Task Force #4

Food: In addition to investing in as large a food storage as affordable, all people should acquire a full
compliment of the necessary items for the “Food 3-P’s”: Production, Procurement and Preservation.  To
have self-production of food will yield huge cost savings in your largest expense of life preservation.
Alternative Health: Treatments and supplies will be guaranteed to yield life saving results. Just one example
is a colloidal silver generator, simple to make, yet it can provide critical life protecting, natural medication.
Why: Failure to have an adequate food production, processing, procurement and storage system, along with
alternative health equipment/supplies can result in death within a couple of weeks for food and far less if in
need of home medical treatment and care. 
Unprepard Life Expectancy: Probably a few weeks for food and even much less for medical care.

A. Food Production

1. Gardening
2. Greenhouses
3. Horticulture: Orchards – Vineyards
4. Aquaponics – Hydroponics
5. Sprouting
6. Raising Livestock

B. Food Procurement

1. Foraging (Edible & Medicinal)
2. Gun & Bow Hunting
3. Fishing
4. Trapping – Snaring

C. Food Preservation

1. Canning – Pickling
2. Dehydrating – Conventional, Solar, Air
3. Smoking and Curing – Hot and Cold
4. Salting – Brining – Kippering
5. Root Cellaring

D. Alternative Health Machines

1. Colloidal Silver
2. Dr. Beck – Hulda Clark
3. Pyro-Energen – Rife

E. Alternative Health Treatments

1. Plants – Herbs
2. Homeopathy
3. Tinctures – Capsules – Powders – Minerals

F. Emergency Health Procedures

1. First-Aid Life Saving Methods
2. Emergency Field Surgery
3. Emergency Field Dentistry

V. Protection

Protection: Gun ownership, large ammo supply and shooting skills represent only one vital area for self-
defense in the event of catastrophe.  Communications equipment, security systems, primitive weapons, EMP
shielding and animals are just some of the additional protection systems to be addressed. Also, those who
can afford it would want to consider having safe room shelters complete with vault doors and NBC (Nuclear,
Biological, and Chemical) Air Filtration Systems.
Why: We seem to be rapidly approaching chaos in this country and the world. In a state of chaos or anarchy,
adequate protection systems will probably be critical to your survival.
Unprepard Life Expectancy: Possibly as little as a few minutes

A. Shooting
1. Handgun Training: Combat – Hunting – Competition
2. Rifle Training: Combat – Hunting – Competition
3. Shotgun Training: Combat – Hunting – Competition

B. Guns & Ammo
1. Training: Maintenance – Assembly – Repair
2. Reloading – Rifle – Shotgun – Handgun

C. Disaster Response Team
1. Logistics
2. Training

D. Communications
1. Radio: Ham – Morse Code – 2-Way – CB
2. Personal Travel: Vehicle, Bike and Pony Express
3. Signal: Mirrors – Sirens – Flares – Homing Pigeons
4. Group and Family Emergency Contact Plan w/ Meeting Places

E. Survival
1. Urban/Rural: In-Place Survival Training
2. Evacuation – Evacuee Receiving
3. Wilderness Survival Training

G. Security Systems
1. Electronic
2. Home-Brewed
3. EMP shielding: Faraday cages, boxes, rooms

H. Hand-To-Hand Self Defense
1. Martial Arts
2. Hand Weapons: Edged; Sticks;

I. Primitive/Stealth Weapons

1. Archery: Long Bow – Recurve Bow – Cross Bow – Air Bow – Sling Bow
2. Traps – Snares
3. Tomahawk – Knife Throwing
4. Sling Shots – Blow Guns

J. Guard/Watch Animals

1. Dogs
2. Birds: Geese, Ducks, Peacocks
3. All Others

VI. Alternative Energy & Transportation

Energy: An essential need applying to transportation and shelter is self-produced alternative fuel.  There are
many alternative fuels which can be home manufactured for when outside fuel source supply is disrupted.
Transportation: Invest in low and no power requirement means of transportation.  These could include
bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, carts, electric or hybrid cars, etc.  You should have an older non-
computerized and non-electronic ignition vehicle to be EMP proof.
Why: Fuel supplies will disappear quickly, so alternative energy transportation by pedal and or hoof power
may become your only means of survival transportation.
Unprepard Life Expectancy: Possibly hours if you can’t evacuate or days if cut off from supplies

A. Energy – Natural
1. Solar
2. Wind
3. Hydro

B. Energy – Man Made
1. Alcohol
2. Bio-Fuel – Algae – WVO
3. Pyramid – Electro-Magnetic
4. Hydrogen
5. Steam
6. Wood Gas

C. Transportation – Animal
1. Riding – Packing
2. Pulling
3. Farming
D. Transportion – Motorized
1. EMP Proof: Pre 70 Gas and Pre 98 Diesel Cars – Trucks
2. Electric
3. Bio-Fuel Conversion: Alcohol – Hydrogen – WVO – Wood Gas
4. Motorcycles – Snow Machines

E. Transportion – Human Powered
1. Bikes – Trikes
2. Handcarts – Travois

VII. Barter

Barter: We recommend junk silver (US pre-1965 coins), silver eagles, silver maple leafs, etc. In a period of
impending financial disaster in the majority of all global currencies and economic markets, silver is the
absolute best asset-protection investment (outside of preparedness/self-sufficiency supplies).
Why: Silver has a historical 10-15:1 value ratio with gold in being utilized in trade as real money, back to pre-
Roman times to Greek history and even Old Testament biblical era, that is until recent times.  The value ratio
has been mercilessly skewed by the manipulation of the banksters, reaching levels of 83:1 in the second half
of 2008.  The ratio stayed above 75:1 well into 2009, only recently dropping down to about 60:1 and now
apparently in a trend to be falling more toward historical relative value.

Many financial and mining industry “inside” reports indicate extreme shortages of silver, due to new and high
industrial demands, low mining production and high investor demand.  Some analysts go so far to say the
ratio of gold to silver should be more in the range of as low as 5:1.  There is far too much in the way of
manipulative effects on the market to be able to visualize this true historical ratio returning anytime soon, but
it is plausible to see the ratio returning to historical levels of 10-15:1, which means silver value would go up 4
to 6 times its present value in relation to the current gold value.

For those of us small investors only wanting to maintain a barter currency of real money value to protect our
families, we should consider silver bullion coins and bars as offering the best opportunity to be able to
engage in trade for necessities after the collapse of the dollar.

Unprepard Life Expectancy: Possibly days if you had no way to purchase vital life support
necessities when no one would accept worthless paper dollars. The previously never experienced
deprival and resultant suffering from having no access to essential life-sustaining commodities could
quickly become life threatening.

A. Precious Metals

1. Silver: Liberty Dollars – US Pre-65 90% Silver Coins (Junk) – Rounds – Bars
2. Gold and Copper

B. Private Barter Currency

1. Local: Bitterroot Hours; etc.
2. Distant: We-Trade; etc.

C. Barter Commodities

1. Food Products: Seeds; Dry-Pack; Chocolate; etc.
2. Alcohol – Tobacco
3. Info: Books – DVD’s
4. Ammo – Guns
5. Livestock