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scout be prepared patchThe next meeting is Sunday afternoon,
October 25th at 4:00pm.

Fliers for the meetings and for The Stone Soup Kitchen project are linked at the bottom of this page. PLEASE print them out and share them with at least one family you know.

We have agreed on an organizational model.
It is the same model used by our neighboring group in Hamilton. We want to have breakout meetings either in the second half of this upcoming meeting and/or as subcommittee meetings between the twice-per-month main group meetings. We will present topics and results at the main meetings based on this model.

Failure to be mentally/spiritually prepared will lead to the very quickest emergency event cause of death via panic decisions and irrational thinking. If you cannot stay calm and composed in the face of crisis, you could be dead in minutes.

Failure to be sheltered from the elements is the second quickest cause of death in an emergency situation. We will have a presentation on everyday bags, get-home bags, and wintertime vehicle supplies.

Failure to have an adequate, safe water storage and supply will lead to death in about 4-5 days. We have samples of water purification systems for display at this meeting.

Failure to have an adequate food production, processing, procurement and storage system, along with alternative health equipment/supplies, can result in death within a couple of weeks for food, and far less if in need of home medical treatment and care. We have an offer for certified training in CPR / First Aid. Scheduling and sign-ups will happen at our meeting.

In a state of chaos or anarchy, adequate protection systems will probably be critical to your survival. Communications, particularly including radios, are key components in this area. We have an offer of ham radio training, if we get enough signups for a class, along with signups for individualized firearm training.

Alternative Energy & Transportation
Fuel supplies will disappear quickly, making alternative energy important. Transportation by pedal and or hoof power, may become your only means of survival transportation.

In case of disruption in our economy or banking system, means of exchange for goods and services will be crucial.

We have agreed that attendance of 18 at our last meeting was half the minimum we need to begin any effective work.
We planned for each of us to bring at least one more person, preferably several to our meeting October 25th.
I encouraged everyone to print out one of each fliers and personally share them at least once by then.

If you are reading this, you are welcome to join us at the Darby Community Clubhouse.

Notes from our October 11th meeting:
Bitterroot community preparedness meetings

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Stone Soup Kitchen
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