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community preparedness

Around my neck of the woods there are many people who have given significant consideration, time and money to Preparedness. Most of them have a small family unit they are preparing with and for. Hunker down and wait in your foxhole until the world is once again a beautiful place. I do not foresee that working. It looks to me like waiting until an overwhelming force, or a hole in the planning overwhelms THE PLAN. The very reason our modern society has been granted the opportunity to grow inattentive, lazy and complacent is the magical power of community, specialization and versatility. Couples and little groups have precious little of that. As for mutual defense, I cannot imagine the little fortress […]


by Tim Lautzenheiser Below is a chapter written for the Teaching Music Through Performance in Band series by Tim Lautzenheiser, published by GIA Publications. While it is directed (specifically) to the band idiom, the essence of the message is applicable for ALL music/arts areas. Author’s note: After three decades of traveling across this nation and around the world visiting music rehearsal rooms, speaking at music conventions, presenting in-service workshops to music teachers, and enjoying the chance to work with our finest public and private school students, it is clear today’s young musicians have a distinct advantage over non-music students as they enthusiastically complete their elementary, middle, and high school careers at the top of their class roster, then they […]

Community Preparedness Team

Organized Community Defense Is America’s Last Hope Wednesday, 06 August 2014 02:42 Brandon Smith Not long ago, I felt compelled to address the idea of self defense as a moral imperative in an article titled “Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary.” My intention was to perhaps undo some of the propaganda conditioning that Americans have suffered over the decades that has taught them that “all” forms of violent action are “immoral”, including the defense of one’s person, one’s property, and one’s freedom. The recent uprising at Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nev., confirmed my predictions that many Americans are tired of playing by rules chartered by the establishment and are ready to take measures outside of the boundaries […]

community preparedness

Community Solidarity When The SHTF Saturday, 19 October 2013 16:39 Tess Pennington This article was written by Tess Pennington and originally published at Ready Nutrition When I first began learning about the worst case scenarios associated with emergencies and disasters, I have to admit there was a part of me terrified of waves of crime and gangs attacking our home and injuring my family. I knew that when the needs of the unprepared are not met, they are more likely to participate in breakdowns of society that eventually lead to them taking matters into their own hands. Essentially, I believed my future would be a life living in fear. What if my husband was injured? How would I protect my […]

Ted on trombone + friends

Since moving to The Bitterroot, groups with room for my trombone playing are hard to come by. My fall-back option is my computer and studio speakers running Music Minus One recordings while I pretend to have a real band or small combo to play along with. I used my new-to-me-then Canon camera to record two representative samples of my main Bitterroot trombone gigs. The miniature internal microphone certainly does precious little to capture any sound quality that might exist were we listening live. The artsy photographic effects were fortuitous accidents. I did not know I had turned them on (or how), but am happy with the result. Most summers find me playing a bit part in our community band… that […]

Conner Combo

I’ve often said that my favorite musical role would be as 3rd trombone in a big band. Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) gave me that opportunity while I lived in Nampa. It was lovely, but didn’t last nearly long enough. My attempt to resurrect the Grangeville big band resulted in a nice little jazz combo where I had to play lead trombone and occasionally assist the tuba player with bass lines. Back down south I formed one and one-half combos in Kuna/Boise, again with me taking turns playing lead trombone. Now happily planted in The Bitterroot for a year and a half I spent one summer as 3rd trombone in a community band, but it was elementary band music, not […]

Beach Boys medley

Missy recorded this last summer with her I-Pad from her lawn chair. She was just learning the new tool – but that fits well, because we were just learning the tune. This is the Bitterroot Community Band in the Hamilton Band Shell playing a Beach Boys medley. Recorded by Missy’s I-Pad here in three parts (with several parts missing). Certainly a good enough recording to get the drift. Also known to some insiders as the Bitterroot Summer Sight Reading Program – we get a complete set of new charts at our Tuesday evening practice, then see them a second time at our Thursday concert. It is stimulating and fun .. if not exactly polished in performance. This is my first […]


The Bitterroot Brewing Company hosted an Octoberfest celebration that included US! The Bitterroot Community Band (a subset thereof, actually) filled the corner stage to overflowing with German music … and I DO MEAN GERMAN. It was my first experience reading, or attempting to read music in German. The words had no meaning to me, but the notes and MOST of the symbols where the same. Complicating things for me was that my eyes could not make the small, old sheet music come into focus. Before I go any further, let me state unequivocably, irrefuteably that . . . . . . We Had A Ball !!! Not completely irrelevant was the fact that our host provided [almost] all of us […]

Mr. Lucky part II

Our incredible lightening-flash journey from there, to here was splattered with tremendous good luck. As I mentioned here: I was extremely grateful for copious quantities of good fortune in making it all happen. As I also suggested in I DO understand that “good luck” is only part luck. Nevertheless, I have considered myself to be on an incredible lucky streak with darn-near everything going my way. Then I lost it. The Midas Touch left my hands. Some things just didn’t go my way. I was sanguine about it. I had a heckuva run. I got more than any one man deserves. I was grateful for the long-enough run of luck that delivered Missy and me to Nervana. Love […]

Thursday gig

The Bitterroot Community Band plays its opening gig at the Hamilton Bandshell this Thursday, June 27th, at 8:00pm. This is a fun COMMUNITY group from junior high to senior citizen who share the joy of making band music together. We are a handful of great and not-so-great musicians who clearly believe that life is not a spectator sport… so come watch us play ;). I am having a good time playing in this band. So much so that I drive an hour from Conner to Stevensville to practice (play) and an hour back every week AND whatever it takes to be at the gigs, wherever they are. Come look-see. Better yet, PARTICIPATE.

Ukraine in the news

I have been reporting on one of the key locations for money laundering and human trafficing for 8 years now. See: Bitterroot Bugle on Ukraine. In 2014 it was about how the US State Department, CIA and other nefarious actors took control of that country’s political machinery. What they have done with that dominance is horrifying, and nearly unbelievable. What follows below is a smattering, cross-section of much more recent reported activities in the USofA-dominated Ukraine. US government admits participation in Ukrainian biolabs Reported to by: Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant. In a recent statement, US government officials finally admitted that the country helped to build […]

Fasting along – Day 7 report

Looking at a websearch on what others have shared about fasting, I tripped over a new-to-me phrase that fits well: therapeutic fasting. Upon finding out that I am fasting, the normal first assumption is that I am working for weight loss. Not that my 6′ 175-pound figure appears to be overly plump, but few can come up with another answer to “Why a person would skip meal after meal for days on end?” As I begin Day 7 of this fast, I weigh in at 163 … down 12 pounds. However my love handles are still apparent and poochy belly is still there … but those won’t be apparent to others until swim suit season … an event I […]

Appreciating California Highway 1 in the good old days

I grew up in idyllic Sonoma County that nature graced with beauty and interest in every direction from border to border. Lightly traveled mountain roads, river roads and Highway 1 skirting the rugged coastline were perfect for 20-something sports car and bike aficionados. Running solo more often than not, I gloried in the capabilities of my series of old-school Porsches and a sweet-handling BSA 650. Rarely did the destination have any significance; the journey was everything. I was leading a sports car tour to the Big Sur campground for a weekend of watching premium sports car racing at Laguna Seca. This group of young couples had shoehorned our gear into 50s and 60s topless cars with similar luggage capacity to […]

Communications Basics

Two-way radio communications is a tremendous subject that can and does carry people in many directions. Certainly among the most important are field communications to and from tactical and reconnaissance teams, particularly with some semblance of security or privacy to the information thereby exchanged. Particularly well suited to teaching this fine art is NC Scout. He recently published a book on the subject: The Guerrilla’s Guide To The Baofeng Radio, which I recommend and am buying myself. He also has a web page covering a whole lot more range. I share the outline below, but encourage you to go to the source. Simply click the linked heading. – Ted – The Foundation: Squaring Away Communications Basics Improvised Field Antennas The […]