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speaking of the representative from California

Nancy Pelosi is a People’s Republic of California masterpiece. She has spent 28 years living in the DC Swamp … really expensive digs and cost of living. Meanwhile moving herself into some of the most expensive housing in her very expensive district as a second home. During nearly 3 centuries ‘on the job’ Nancy somehow turned a $193,000 annual salary into a $200 million net worth… brilliant, shrewd investments, fershur. We have the best politicians money can buy. I have become a bit of a meme collector. The posters with pertinent sayings on them explain a lot much faster than long-winded diatribes. […]

Virginia – It’s A TRAP!

Those who see a multitude of downsides with almost no up-side chance are doing our best to warn off the patriots who are blinded by the HOO-RAH chanting that surrounds them. Virginians have the momentum. The county-by-county victories ARE GREAT. Do not walk into their Pig Trap, run off their Buffalo Jump or whatever other metaphor clues you in to what January 20th in Richmond is likely to be. I am sharing links, text, comments here from sharp people who helped me step back from the HOO-RAH din to see the looming disaster. Be the Indian not the Buffalo- Bracken RICHMOND: THE MOTHER OF ALL BUFFALO JUMPS   I share the complete text below, complete with test of your “Pig […]

California genius has no bottom

Reason 12,496 why I left the town of my youth.  (WAG: I really lost count 20 years ago) – Ted – Sonoma County Plan Would Evict Renters To Buy Housing For Homeless By Da Lin January 10, 2020 at 6:47 pm Filed Under:Homeless, Homeless Encampment, Housing crisis, Joe Rodota Trail, Santa Rosa, solution, Sonoma County     SANTA ROSA (KPIX) — A controversial plan to solve the homeless crisis has people fired up in Sonoma County where officials plan to spend millions of dollars to buy three properties that would be used to house the homeless. All three properties have one thing in common. They’re big and have multiple units, but many of those units are currently occupied by tenants. […]

California legislators go Full Stupid

Gasoline powered garden tools are their new enemies. Ya’know like the lawn mowers, chainsaws and string trimmers that were major breakthroughs initially, and staples of homeowners ever since. Nevermind the thousands of Mom’n’Pop businesses servicing owners of these tools. We, the brilliant, have determined that you peasants need to mow your lawn on your knees with scissors. Well, at least on your knees. Of course the legislators have never operated any of those tools, in fact having ZERO personal tool knowledge at all … the hired help has always done that tedious, mundane stuff. Sadly, the geniuses in Sacramento have no clue regarding what tools their hired help use. They deserve what they get. But the unrepresented rural Californians deserve […]

Dumbing US Down

Is the title of John Taylor Gatto‘s 2005 book exposing what his industry was doing TO our children. Several times New York City and NY state Teacher Of The Year, he knew exactly what he was talking about. The US Department of Education has a Newspeak name, as most agencies do. It was created to eliminate constructive education nation-wide. It has apparently been a wild success at that. Homeschool seems to be the only escape as they are crushing any private school that shows signs of success and educational merit. – Ted – K-12: The War against Children By Bruce Deitrick Price American public schools, by all the usual metrics, have steadily declined for a century.  Was this inevitable?  Or is […]

final day of registration for ham class is Friday

This a repeat of my previous announcement. There is one more day of online registration for Darby Adult Ed classes. We stand ONE STUDENT SHORT of having enough to make it happen. I am bringing another amateur radio operator licensing class to Darby, Montana via the Darby Adult Education program in its Spring 2020 schedule. I have not keept track, but think I have personally assisted 40 or 50 people to earning their FCC licenses through my study groups in the Darby library. The snide saying goes, “Those who CAN, DO. Those who cannot, TEACH”. I’m okay wearing that. Good instructors are as rare as good anything else. I did not choose this calling, blessing or curse. It chose me. […]

best case Virginia scenario is bad

The potential outcomes from demonstrations on January 20th go from bad through worse all the way into awful. Talented author, genuine good guy and excellent strategist developed a good hard look at what could go wrong and right in Richmond. He moved me from fist-pumping for the patriots to joining him to say, Patriots, Stay Away! Save your activism and ammo for times and places where you can win. More importantly, do not give them the chance to derail our momentum. I link to Matt Bracken, his excellent books and the source of the post I pasted below. – Ted –   RICHMOND: THE MOTHER OF ALL BUFFALO JUMPS Posted by Matt Bracken | Jan 7, 2020 | Matt Bracken, […]

Pushback on VA Governor’s Plan

to Hire 18-officer Team to Enforce Proposed Gun Ban What we want to see is this “tough guy” personally enforcing his forced disarmament plan. If not the very first door he came to, at least one of the first three would TERMINATE HIS PLAN face first. Sadly, the people will accept him sending unthinking, just-following-orders proxies to enforce his dictates. NOT FAIR to any of the participants. Today’s news says this psychopath-in-charge wants to spend $4.8 MILLION DOLLARS to hire 12 sacrificial targets in order for the Virginia elites to instigate war against the Virginians. That comes out to about ONE DOLLAR for each Virginian they want to kill in order to remain in charge of Virginia. The dozen desciples […]

.22 rifle practice

Far and away the most popular rifle caliber on Earth is the .22 Long Rifle (.22LR). has numerous listings for under 4-cents per round, and as they correctly describe, “Easily the most prolific and well known firearm cartridge in the world, the .22 Long Rifle (LR) is great for plinking and small-game hunting. The .22 LR is also considered the best choice for introducing new people to the sport of shooting, due to its lack of recoil and low noise.” I will add the intuitive: inexpensive, wonderful training tool from cost of gear through expense to operate. You can defend and take small game with these, but far more importantly, you can learn to shoot and practice your shooting […]

becoming Boogaloo ready

This is not how good guys dress and actOne of my most popular posts in the couple months has been the December 1st one titled “modern slang definition: The Boogaloo“. You also have shown very strong interest in my updates on the escalation in Virginia of the war against us from our wanna-be tyrannical rulers. Today I combine both of those features into recommending an audio podcast from NC Scout (see his Brushbeater site for more information). He brought his RTO course to my neck of the woods where I was fortunate enough to meet him and learn from him. IF you ever get the chance, take it. Hmmm… well, here you go, you can learn from his podcast below. […]

war with Iran?

What do we KNOW? They are all lying about it. Other than that, precious little. Many Iranians, particularly in leadership positions claim to hate the USofA. Many attacks on USofA facilities, equipment and personnel come from Iran. Responding with violence to an attack on our embassy is not “starting war”. Money, munitions and support has been flowing from the USofA to Iran in huge quantities. For whatever reason, the criminals in The Swamp want violent, well-armed enemies who hate us. Hitlary was supposed to continue this process. Trump’s election shook up the program. But by how much? The military-industrial-complex was overpowering in Dwight Eisenhower’s administration. They are much more so today. Muslim culture does not respect weak, passive responses, but […]

the land of fruits and nuts

California lawmakers just accomplished the impossible: They came up with a law stupider than their prior chart toppers. It is now illegal to take a shower and do laundry on the same day. If they were not attached to the USofA it would be a lot more fun to watch. Unfortunately they share crazy things like Pelosi and Feinstein with us. Unsurprisingly, in the decade between 2004 and 2013 about five million Californians left the state. In that same time period, less than four million entered. It is a pretty safe bet that the departures were producers tired of carrying the socialist burden and the arrivals were people flocking to the fountain of free stuff. Venezuela here we come. […]

Virginia temperature report

Boom-boom-boom, both sides are firming their stances. The trajectory is not pretty, and is likely to draw a crowd into the maelstrom. I have several links and clips to share, but first… Any act repugnant to the Constitution is null and void. Any official acts contrary to the law of the land are treasonous… punishable by hanging. That won’t stop the Democrat majorities in both houses from enacting them, the Democrat Governor from signing them into psuedo-law, nor officials from initiating dangerous enforcement actions against the people of Virginia. I STRONGLY URGE you to read to the bottom and watch my closing video. It is up to date and lays out just how serious this is shaping up to […]

Democrats, “lots of free stuff”

The race to give away the most stuff Why sweat and toil when our gracious politicians can give you whatever you want? It is as simple as picking the right ones while we are in the voting booths. Well, you kind-of have to want what they have to offer. That usually turns out to be plenty for a while, but kind-of tapers off in unfortunate short order. I share another meme-based post from my topical collection. Their sales pitch is not new except to the indoctrinated and ignorant. Expect traditional results if they win. Speaking of the indoctrinated, the controllers of the secondary school system have abandoned higher education in exchange for molding minds to their liking. Early escape is […]