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Plan B

Oath Keepers began and continues to be THE organization that reaches out to current and past oath takers reminding them of the totality of their oaths; the full meaning and responsibility that carries.

As the ruling elite turn up the pressure, more and more oath keepers recognize that the trajectory they are on will force us into a shooting war with fascist enforcers. We are horrified of that, but prefer it to selling ourselves and progeny into slavery.

Thus, many new, long-term and potential Oath Keepers are requesting that this organization become a militia as defined in the US as well as most state constitutions.

That is not the Oath Keepers mission.

However, many Oath Keepers are quite ready to stand firm in the face of this threat. Many of us will join organized resistance as an organized militia or otherwise. The founder of Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, makes his personal position quite clear in Albany.

See and hear his inspired speech here.