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Natural weather in the Northern Hemisphere rotates counter-clockwise. It always has and unless the magnetic poles switch, always will. The key word here is “natural”.

Nature no longer has exclusive control over our weather. Never have the satellite images shown it so clearly as it does with this current unusual weather pattern. Between dusk and dawn the chemtrail lines are right there on the weather satellite images. That is the one I watch as it shows weather approaching my location. I suspect others would reveal similar geoengineering interventions.

GOES-17 (West; 137.2W)

The above link takes you to the current animated version (last three hours). The chemtrails are highly visible when the sun is not shining on them. Of course the numerous HAARP arrays around the world are part of their manipulations, but I cannot show those. Just this. To the right is a snapshot of this morning’s animation.

The metallic nano-particle swaths are highly visible and right at the hub of the unnatural clockwise rotating storms. These too-smart-by-half psychopaths giggle as they push and pull record-breaking weather down upon ignorant plebes.

Dane Wigington and provide the entrance to the rabbit hole. I doubt there is a more knowledgeable person anywhere who is not directly involved in doing the actual weather and geological “engineering”, more appropriately called “destroying life on Earth”.

If you are happy with the stories talking heads on lamestream media give you and comfy assuming your god or nature took a sudden dislike to this planet, go in peace.

Don’t enter the rabbit hole.

There is an entirely different view of the huge increase in “natural disasters” that inspire many of us to cheer, or even help if we can, taking the elites off of their stolen thrones.

My little part is attempting to share awareness and being alert for opportunities to monkey wrench their agenda.

Dane Wigington’s part is much more active, comprehensive and dangerous. I admire his courage and respect his work. Check it out for yourself.