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The rich and powerful are insatiable. There is always someone else to squash; more wealth to be stolen. The acts themselves are the objective. That they get away with them is their reward.

They tell themselves it is proof they are more clever than the masses, but they don’t believe it. Their dirty secret is they feel inferior. Because they are. They are defective. Deep down they understand that.

Nevertheless, bullies understand force. They use it as much as possible. It is also the only thing that stops them. When the masses stop believing them, the power goes away. Their force is eliminated.

Which brings me to hoaxes.

A hoax is an organized event designed to produce useful (to them) reactions in the masses.

Nothing actually happened – other than a story, narrative and publicity were created.

Related to, but different from False Flags where the event happened as shown, but by players other than the ones blamed.

Sandy Hook was a hoax. The school had been mothballed. Nobody died. The actors were playing in a drill. The politicians and collaborating media turned it into an event designed to frighten the sheep.

9-11 was a false flag. Three buildings and the Pentagon accounting offices were demolished. It was blamed on people who did not do it. The conspirators left abundant evidence of their crimes that was totally ignored.

I will file some hoaxes under this page I am now separating them from my filings under the false flag page.