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Constitutional sheriff

The Constitution of these united states defines the county sheriff as the highest law enforcement office in the country. There is NO state or federal agency that can lawfully over-ride that. The framers of the Constitution thoughtfully put this in place to protect the people from excesses of central government. There are over 100 constitutional sheriffs in the USA who know and operate on this foundation.

From coast to coast, county-by-county, sheriffs are protecting the principles that made this country great. This is true in over 200 USA counties and as the willingness to oppress grows more apparent, more sheriffs are rising to the occasion.

The FDA is told they cannot prevent Amish farmers from selling unprocessed milk. The US Forest service is told they cannot prevent public access to the forest. The IRS is told they cannot detain or confiscate without a lawful court order. All federal agents are told they cannot confiscate firearms.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officer Association is working to make this the norm and thereby restore liberty in the USA.