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NATO insists on having nuclear war

In what appears to be incredible stupidity, the globalists war machine has pushed Russia into a corner and keeps pummeling their adversary. The Russian bear has been holding back through decades of abuse, but may be finally pushed too far. I have been watching closely and publishing some on the Ukraine situation for several years now. The famously most overtly corrupt nation in Europe was taken over by the USofA State Department and CIA a decade ago … and as incredible as it may seem, made worse. Now that the “Special Military Operation” is nearing completion of stopping this rogue European pimple from killing Russian people, Arenachrome producing, slave trading, money laundering, and bioweapon manufacturing, NATO wants to explode […]

Ukraine conflict has global potential

USofA State Department and CIA took over Ukrainian government in a 2014 engineered coup. The meanest, nastiest, infinitely greedy power brokers in the world took control using Ukraine to feed their insatiable appetites for children, adrenachrome and, of course, money. Now they appear to be eagerly setting up to start nuclear world war there or around Palestine, or both. You can see quite a few posts with supportive links that I published here regarding the Ukrainian snake pit and a long string of provocations trying to destroy Russian leadership and even the country of Russia. Rather than back off when their actions will clearly lead to World War, the psychopathic DC swamp doubles down … triples … quadruples … […]

Russia’s “Special Operation” in Ukraine

I wrote this last June, and saved it unpublished since then. Somewhat surprisingly, it is still true… and might as well be published now. The Russian stated objectives of their “special operation” is a de-militarized Ukraine. For more than a decade, the Russian leadership has justifiably lobbied against western, USofA, NATO … whatever name they are operating under at the moment … aggression and posturing against Russians and with an apparent willingness to totally destroy the population, country and popular leadership of that country and culture. Russians announced a decade or two ago that a militarized Ukraine on their border would be a RED LINE that, if crossed, would demand a military response. One of two theoretical things happened. (1) […]

reactions to the Putin / Carlson show

For the last several days, the ‘western powers ruling elite’ have been in PANIC MODE over the announcement that Vladimir Putin and Tucker Carlson were scheduling an interview session in Moscow. “Oh crap!, Vlad has credibility that we can’t match. How do we defend against obvious truths that will expose the decade-long blizzard of lies we have been spewing regarding Ukraine???” In case you have not yet, but are interested in watching the interview yourself, here is the link to Tucker’s show: Their first trick was to call Tucker a &^%$#@ traitor who would be arrested, imprisoned, not allowed back in the USofA and other Assange/Snowden/Manning/Seth Rich style silencing and/or disappearing tricks. Almost immediately, Putin/journalist memes popped up all […]

Tucker’s Putin interview

I watched it all. Two hours and seven minutes. Well worth the time and interest. I could not find a way to embed it in this article, so the link below takes you to the Tucker Carlson Network online television program. I highly recommend watching. Tucker made several attempts to get controversial statements out of Putin, but none of them worked. It is fun to watch a truly intelligent, and knowledgeable statesman operating in a line of work where he is exceptional. Nearly everything I heard from Putin was fully backed by other sources and my memory of international incidents as they happened. THAT is why The Deep State so desperately, frantically wanted to keep him off a public […]

What are they hiding?

Whenever the politicians, banksters and presstitutes put a highly-publicized show in front of us, they are setting up something they really don’t want us to see offstage. What is this monster sneaking up on us? What are THE BIG STORIES in our world today? I focus here on USofA as well as globally as a key ingredient of THEIR Agenda 2030 is to eliminate the hard-to-break bastion of creativity and libertarian resistance that is/was our once free country in order to destroy the world as we know it, kill 97% of the human population and enslave the rest.. They are making disgustingly good progress. World War BIG STORIES are like provoking all of North Africa and Western Asia into […]

February 3rd snapshot of 2024

This year will be quite interesting. So many monumental plates are spinning down at this moment that no magician can keep them all going. It appears that the black magicians have absolutely no interest in doing that, anyway. They got these all in play in such a way as to crash them all at once, and stand in the wings ready to sweep up the pieces into their big trash cans full of nature, humanity and Earth itself. I made a points-of-conflict list for reference as I recorded this video. Here is what I intended to cover, and embellish on, and what I expect to cover in print with links at The Bitterroot Bugle over the coming weeks. Who […]

Major warning embedded in 2024 health insurance change

This video is from a woman who has been selling and servicing health insurance for many years. She is talking about a major change by multiple carriers for this year. This is a “What the heck is going on” moment, but remember the global banking cartels have ALL THE MONEY and everything it can buy including the insurance companies. Moreover, they greedily grab up every penny they can take out of our pockets and scheme on ways to make us absolutely destitute slaves. Excluding from coverage injuries or death from wars, insurrections, violent riots that they plan should not be surprising, but spelling it out in 2024 policies is a bit disconcerting, to say the least. I find it […]

Why We Should Dread a Second Civil War

   JAMES WESLEY RAWLES  DECEMBER 31, 2023          Introductory Note: In a SurvivalBlog essay that I wrote back in January, 2019, I warned that there were signs that a Second Civil War might be brewing. I’d like to update and expand on that theme, in this essay. — The recent release of the first trailer for the scheduled April 2024 release of the A24 Productions movie titled Civil War has prompted considerable conjecture. The film reportedly had a $75 million budget. Commentator Tim Pool posted his thoughts on it, and then followed up with a more in-depth panel discussion, and then another. Dozens of others have also chimed in, so YouTube is now replete with “Civil War Trailer Reaction” videos, from both right-wingers and left-wingers. Many conservatives are scratching their heads, doubting how […]

Vladimir Putin’s letter to the world:

Dear inhabitants of our beautiful planet Earth, I, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, decided to address all of you directly, bypassing diplomats, your leaders and journalists. In Russia, there is a so-called “Ural exchange”, where it is forbidden to lie, deceive and exaggerate. Therefore, I will speak very honestly so that everyone will be convinced of the truth of my words. Russia is a big and rich country, its most important value is more than 150 million people who live in a territory where justice is above all. We don’t need new territories.  We have energy and all other resources are abundant. Since the time of the Great Tartar and the Great Mughals, the peoples of […]

They told us; keep telling us

Last night we watched the 1996 movie Wag The Dog (1997). Some sources call it a comedy while others call it political satire. Both of those miss the mark. It is as real as anything that happens in front of us today, and tells us all we need to know about how politics and social engineering work nowadays. Sometimes they simply tell us the truth… and laugh as we refuse to take it seriously. The use of blue screens, green screens, holograms and computer-aided video editing can make darn-near anything real enough for their intended audiences. We got this video in our normal way by ordering online through the Darby library and picking it up when their ‘pony express’ network […]

December 7th

I suspect I will forever associate December 7th with the moniker “Pearl Harbor Day”. But my view, as you might expect, is quite different from average. December 7, 1941 is the day that the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) brain trust plan to get the USofA public acceptance for entering a deadly, destructive war with Germany, Japan and Italy came to fruition. A seldom mentioned massively salient fact: The relatively modern USofA aircraft carrier fleet were ALL at sea. The obsolete coal-burning WWI battleship fleet was in a nice tidy target formation in Hawaii – 2,471 miles from continental USofA, and 4,117 miles from Japan. Several high-ranking naval officers stationed in Hawaii had warned people they cared about to be […]

Great news about Ukraine

The “Special Operation in Ukraine” appears to be nearly over. Most of the dying is done. According to several sources, the top Ukrainian generals are negotiating with Russian military and Putin to put an end to the lopsided destruction of Ukraine and its population. The generals clearly understand that they can only lose more territory and Ukrainians from here on out … and very, very rapidly at that. Of course the USofA CIA, State Department, NATO and Zelensky puppets are not in agreement with this turn of events, but they actually do not matter at this point. What is clear and public is the current mandatory draft in Ukraine of men and women from 7 to 70 years old! A […]

NATO finally allowing Ukrain into peace talks

The Russian “special operation” in Ukraine had a single purpose from the beginning that has been steadfastly pursued: “A demilitarized Ukraine“. Now as they near successful completion of that, the NATO puppetmasters are “ready to negotiate for peace”. I promise that the only agreement acceptable to Russia will be A demilitarized Ukraine. If that is not in the offer, the Russian leadership and military machine will continue via military violence on to their objective. While there were numerous provocations preceding the Russian military move, publicly announced plans to bring the US State Department’s Ukrainian puppet government into a fully nuclear-armed NATO puppet was 100% an unacceptable threat to the security of their eastern neighbor. In the first few days of […]