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nuclear war threat down a notch

Saber rattling seems to have toned down a notch. My sampling of non-lamestream sources shows a slight calming in the rhetoric, and indeed the likely D-Day has passed. I think we can move from Orange Alert to Yellow, or at least closer to yellow. My sense of the situation is that most of the world, those thinkers and watchers not under the Ministry of Disinformation thrall knew starting nuclear world war was consistent with the globalist/NATO/CIA/NWO… agendas and not with the Russian rhetoric or actions. Thus we were neither buying their false flag nor accepting their cover story for exploding the Ukrainian nuclear power plant to trigger nuclear exchange. Well, crap!… we will just have to conjure up some […]

Who will buy their nuclear war excuse?

The Russians have stated the goal for their “special military operation” quite clearly and consistently. They insist on a non-militarized Ukraine. All of their actions have been consistent with that. A peaceful neighbor is not that much to ask, nor is it unreasonable. NATO has also been clear and consistent. They insist on removing Putin from power and completely eliminating the nation of Russia. The Russian military has been destroying Ukrainian army battalions, NATO weapon systems, mercenaries, NATO troops and equipment in what most observers call “a meat grinder”. The military capability of Ukraine is almost completely gone. Looks like the Russians are accomplishing exactly what they set out to do. Then someone blows up a dam that is key […]

nuking the 4th of July

Nuclear world war approaches while the blissfully ignorant set off fireworks celebrating some long-forgotten event AND far more importantly to them, their ability to inexpensively set off fireworks. The global warmongers via their NATO, USofA, and Ukrainian puppet governments have been warning of Russian plans to create a nuclear explosion in a Ukranian nuclear power plant. Executing this False Flag event, of course, will provide them with justification (more accurately called “lamestream media approved thin cover”) to start nuclear war with Russia. That, in case you missed it, will trigger Russian and Chinese military attack on USofA targets. Which will likely result in nearly every nuclear weapon in the world attacking the planet Earth. A mundane world that, by […]

USofA moves closer to nuclear WWIII

In a major move in the wrong direction, nuclear equipped US Air Force B1B ‘stealth bombers’ have just been moved into position to start what will be a rather quick and hugely destructive nuclear exchange among the heretofore ‘super-powers’. As the puppet show goes on, we may be moving to the final scene. The Zelensky actor, just like the Biden one is in charge of nothing, however the beings who do push the pieces around the game board appear to be insane, but may simply be inhumane … as in not human. You know they do not plan on being affected by their conquest, war, hunger, and death. They have certainly set the stage for those, along with plague. […]

THE BEST Ukraine/Russia/NATO summary I have seen

Redacted with Clayton Morris interviews Scott Ritter on “NATO’s war on Russia has failed”. It is a super-awesome comprehensive overview. ASSUMING that the objective was to strengthen NATO, USofA and/or Ukraine while weakening Russia, the opposite has happened. Watching this video covers that extremely well. Not mentioned is the possibility that the Globalists want a really strong Russian military and are currently building that. Are they making great series of mistakes or is this what they want? ………………………………………… . This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner dedicating a bit of his life attempting to help preserve humanity, integrity, honor and liberty – a world under attack. If I help one person find our side of the […]

Nuclear war in Ukraine may spread

USofA has used artillery and tank munitions they call “depleted uranium (DUh)”. That has a nice, innocuous ring, eh? However, the gamma radiation each round contains is highly toxic leaving a wide swath of cancers and birth defects wherever they are deployed. The Russian government has made it quite clear that they consider NATO deployment of DUh in and around their country to be initiation of nuclear war. While they have committed to not starting it, they have also said that IF NATO starts it, the Russian military MAY respond in kind. Their adamant resistance included the NATO (US State Department) proposal to include Ukraine as a NATO member and move nuclear weapons into Ukraine along the Russian border […]

British government nukes Ukraine

Most investigators of the non-presstitute variety are adamantly against the use of depleted uranium (DU) in military weapons. The USofA spread those projectiles all over Arabia in their wars against Arabians and in Eastern Europe in the wars against Eastern Europeans. This caused horrible birth defects in the areas where those radioactive shells were deposited. This is not real news. NATO (USofA and its puppets) has threatened to send DU to their puppet Ukrainian dictatorship that they may spread toxic radioactivity all over the breadbasket of Europe… and on to Russia if possible. The Russian government’s public response is along the lines of: We will view DU distribution as invocation of nuclear war. British government says that is fine with […]

On War and Wars

The meat of this post was written by James Howard Kunstler. He is a worthy analyst and talented writer. I give you the first few paragraphs below, then a link to the whole article at his website. I promise it gets better, but I guarantee it does not slide downhill in any fashion. – Ted – “When we see the few truth-tellers who are the stars of their organizations jettisoned – Tucker Carlson from Fox News, Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone, Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept, James O’Keefe from Project Veritas… we must face the fact that there is an organized conspiracy to suppress truth.” — Paul Craig Roberts On to James Howard Kunstler: The weird part the news […]

Ukraine in the news

I have been reporting on one of the key locations for money laundering and human trafficing for 8 years now. See: Bitterroot Bugle on Ukraine. In 2014 it was about how the US State Department, CIA and other nefarious actors took control of that country’s political machinery. What they have done with that dominance is horrifying, and nearly unbelievable. What follows below is a smattering, cross-section of much more recent reported activities in the USofA-dominated Ukraine. US government admits participation in Ukrainian biolabs Reported to by: Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant. In a recent statement, US government officials finally admitted that the country helped to build […]

NATO’s pointless sacrifice of men and machines

NATO countries have said they can give no more war machines to Ukraine. According to them, their own supplies are below mission levels for their own defenses. Then one of the key globalist figures issued a “WE MUST” save Ukraine AT ALL COSTS – or we have lost our dream of ruling the world. In this first video, I set the stage for the second. Much of what I say in it is written here on this post, but of course telling it covers a lot more territory faster than writing it. As they wait for the dry season to finish this exercise, the Russians have eliminated all Ukrainian air defense systems as well as all aircraft. By the end […]

Same view with far greater credibility

I know who I am, and am not. No delusions here. I may be 100% correct, but carry no great credibility like Colonel Douglas Macgregor with his wide, strong international affairs experience. While the interview starts off as another update on the horrors of the CIA/State-Department slaughter of Ukrainians, it moves back to our side of the pond with some clear, irrefutable predictions. Here it is from someone with chops to back it up. The big ugly is looming in our windshield. Hang on tight. ………………………………………… . This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner dedicating a bit of his life attempting to help preserve humanity, integrity, honor and liberty – a world under attack. If I […]

wacky world headlines, links

This phrase is one a great psychologist friend of mine used to use a lot describing folks who did not appear to have both oars in the water… “too much wacky tobaccy”, Jim would say. Well, there is a lot of that going around nowadays. Those who would slaughter 97% of the world’s human population, emasculate all men, pseudo-masculate all women (I just made up that word, but it is as good as any), scramble all childhood brains, subdivide all humans into tiny little groups to be pitted against each other, poison all food supplies that remain after they destroy nearly all non-toxic food producers … well, these non-humans seem to have had their way for quite some time. […]

Ukraine – how the conflict got to this point and what’s next

Stephen Gardner hosts Scott Ritter to discuss the Ukraine conflict. It is an excellent show covering well the 2014 USofA State Department creation of the current Ukraine Nazi government, continual breaking of treaties and the eventual backing Russia into the corner they are now fighting their way out of. It is challenging to figure out the true agenda of Biden’s puppet masters as they have done just about exactly the wrong thing from start to finish if taking down Russia was the objective. The current trajectory has Russia reclaiming the historically Russian half of Ukraine and supervising a demilitarized non-Nazi government of the other half. The map here presents a good picture of what that means. Scott makes a […]

pair of pacifists on preferred Ukraine exit plan

In the video below we have two men who know what WAR is about, and a whole lot about the complete picture of the current conflict in Ukraine. They both demonstrate much more awareness of those factors than any commentator presented by lamestream, globalist-controlled, deep-state, CIA-News-Network media They are in wholehearted agreement that the tremendous human suffering should be stopped as soon as possible, and that it has gone on in greater amounts and cut down humanity more than most of us can imagine. What is most surprising, and impressive is the path they outline for minimizing the human suffering toll.⧸Russia-War:-Bio-Lab*.webm ………………………………………… . This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner dedicating a bit of his […]