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Q Anon – The Great Awakening

I bought Unintended Consequences because ATF went ballistic trying to censor it. I bought Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record for similar reasons. Most recently I bought Q Anon – The Great Awakening because the authors were poisoned for publishing it. They obviously hit a nerve with The Deep State. That elevates it to a gotta read. I will likely report back once I have read it. – Ted – Best Selling Q Anon Book Publisher Dies from Poison 2 weeks ago UPDATED: OCT. 9th, 2019 Source: Facebook Post The publisher of the best selling book, “Q Anon, An Invitation to the Great Awakening” dies after suspiciously being infected by an unknown toxin. Felipe and Monica Rix Paxson, owners of Relentlessly Creative […]

draining the swamp a teaspoon at a time

May of us observe that the presstitutes, puppets, pedophiles and psychopaths who occupy the podiums propped up by the sheep are still spewing their destructive mantra. While the flock merrily destroys what little is left of a coherent and productive society. The paint on their Mad Max bus has a few new nicks on it, but the trajectory seems little altered. We ask “When does this promised takedown occur?” So does Peggy Ryan in the article from The American Thinker. – Ted – The Deep State Will Face Justice Soon! Right? By Peggy Ryan “The check’s in the mail” is a promise that payment’s been sent even if it hasn’t.  It’s a stalling tactic to avoid pressure from creditors, from those […]