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January 20, 2020 predictive video analysis

I have been reading and writing about the coming Buffalo Jump in Richmond, Virginia. It is shaping up to be made to order for people who would eliminate the independent part of our culture in order that we can all be under the thumb of the One World Government. Here is the post in its native turf. These guys published the show on BitChute. I made a copy to protect against their video suffering a takedown. See their show here: In case that doesn’t work, I have a copy below. Pro 2nd Amendment Protest in Richmond, VA Proceed With Caution from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

“wildfires” and high speed rail paths “coincidentally” align

The pictures are blatantly clear. Santa Rosa, Paradise, Camp Fire, Australia. The Agenda 21 engineers have discovered FIRE. Rail corridors that would otherwise be impossible to purchase are coincidentally unoccupied and dirt cheap after record-setting fires conveniently follow their maps. Enlightened planners create community separators on their maps without apparent regard to the thousands of very nice, expensive homes occupying the same spaces, often for several generations. Suddenly *POOF* the separators are dirt and magical shrubs and trees that didn’t burn while adjacent houses turned to ash. According to current news reports they are supposedly wrestling with the decision to allow rebuilding or not. That is laughable… gee, I wonder what they will decide? Once in a while their […]

Virginia temperature report

Boom-boom-boom, both sides are firming their stances. The trajectory is not pretty, and is likely to draw a crowd into the maelstrom. I have several links and clips to share, but first… Any act repugnant to the Constitution is null and void. Any official acts contrary to the law of the land are treasonous… punishable by hanging. That won’t stop the Democrat majorities in both houses from enacting them, the Democrat Governor from signing them into psuedo-law, nor officials from initiating dangerous enforcement actions against the people of Virginia. I STRONGLY URGE you to read to the bottom and watch my closing video. It is up to date and lays out just how serious this is shaping up to […]

the red/blue color code

The monolith that is mainstream media chose to reverse the red color coding that had previously indicated socialist and communist regimes. It happened quickly with all of them simultaneously adopting red for coloring Democrat Party victories on their bar, pie and mapping charts and blue for the Republican. From that election coverage forward, they pushed the phrase “Red State” and “Red Voters” to indicate Republican and “Blue” for Democrats. I have disliked it so much I refused to adopt. That may have changed early this morning. I woke up from a dream thinking about the Matrix movie. It is one of those where the rulers allowed truth to be shown. It amuses them to do so from time to […]

Fake First Family – part 2

Yesterday I out-ed the Obamination himself. Today I expose the other half of this fantastic scam that was, for way too many people, The USofA First Family. I admit to being disgusted during the entire 8 years. I saw it all. Well, that’s impossible, but I certainly saw enough of the lies to be horrified that this deceit could be perpetrated on us and that the perps could get away with it. This was not condemnation of the instigators nearly so much as much as disappointment in the sheep for accepting the whole dang show. Not their fault, Ted. The Deep State spent a century pulling this all together. Pretty clever from Department of un-Education to FCC-controlled media monopoly, complimenting […]

Fake First Family – part 1

I will deliver Part 2 tomorrow. This just got too big for one serving. – Ted The web of deceit was impressive. Though not quite their most intricate work, it does rank near the top. As with many others, they continue to expend resources keeping the truth down. But we have The Internet. As you look over this package I have assembled, imagine the power, complexity and scope of the group that perpetrated this scam. They had millions of choices, yet it had to be Barry at this time … to serve their purposes. So Barack Hussein Obama II it was. But what was it?, he?, they? … and why? Before it began, there was almost no racial, ethnic […]

a view of the terrain

Another of my regular news sources presents a stark look at how the results of war between those who would govern us unmercifully and thow of us who prefer to govern ourselves. The Raconteur Report blog presents a rapidly moving target. I quote the entire article below. If you follow my links to the site you will find current posts that are almost always interesting and educational. You will not find the essay I pasted below. I claim no veteran or tactical expertise in this realm, but I am certainly willing to die on my feet rather than live on my knees. Enough of us feel that way to cause real problems for the ruling elite. I admit that I’m […]

The naughty list was getting out of hand

Someone created this irrestible art. I WAS going to take a day off from socio-political posts. Merry Christmas Ted

Benghazi is still very relevant

I have posted numerous times since 2014 about Hitlary’s involvement in the Benghazi fiasco. Click on that link to search this site for my articles on the subject. Turns out I was right. Duh. Here is the real story: Obummer wanted to strengthen his re-election odds. The Deep State wanted to strengthen their Mid-East war program. They cooked up a scheme to transfer USofA weapons from the Benghazi Embassy armory to the towel-E-ban, let them capture The Ambassador, then have Barry “negotiate his release” for grand press accolades. Someone forgot to tell four Navy Seals. The guaranteed easy snatch-n-grab turned into a deadly battle with grossly outnumbered, but supremely fierce fighters. The towel-E-ban figured they were double-crossed and when they […]

LGBT clubs are okay; Christian ones banished

You have entered The Twilight Zone when stuff like this becomes normal. I am neither Christian nor LGBT. Theoretically that would mean I have no dog in this fight. However, banning the Christians or any other group of peaceful individuals who are happy to cooperate and get along within a civil society is a very bad idea. The radical anti-normies refuse to settle for acceptance. They relentlessly strive for dominance. I am old enough to remember a few brave gays “coming out of the closet”. Now they DEMAND we embrace gender-benders, pedophilia and bestiality. C’mon. We don’t need to move into the pig slop just because it suits you. Some adults better show up in these communities before they […]

watching Virginia

As I posted two days ago in major gun fight in Virginia, things are really heating up there. The globalists are on the attack and the Minutemen are preparing to repel boarders. I recommended you watch the show closely. It could blow up into a major conflict that involves you and me at any time. There are currents, counter-currents and nuances that can shift in a heartbeat. From NewsTarget .com is this report that I excerpt below. Click the link for the full article and video clips. After passing extremely restrictive anti-gun legislation in early 2020, Virginia has a plan to deploy roadblocks at both the county and state levels to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens (at gunpoint, of course) […]

echo chamber failure

Normies, conservatives, traditionalists, right, producers, workers, or whatever label you want to put on us are very much aware of the loonies, progressives, left, Democrats, antifas and such. Lamestream media bans all normal stories, choosing instead to feature 100% nutcase junk. The big tech dirty dozen do the same darn thing. The result of this is that WE know exactly what THEY are thinking and doing… I mean painfully aware of it all. THEY, on the other hand have no idea what we are thinking and doing because their information sources banished all data coming from our side. The famous military tactician Sun Tzu would call that assured victory for our side in the coming conflict. As they back […]

major gun fight in Virginia

The population centers elected Democratic majorities in both the state house and senate along with a Democrat governor. Immediately after the election results were in one of the losers winners announced their plan to implement confiscation of all AR-15 rifles in the state. He forgot that a whole lot of Virginians live there. Here is a map of the counties that have now passed 2nd Amendment Sanctuary bills making gun confiscation illegal. Then there is Culpepper County: Sheriff promises to ‘deputize thousands’ if his state passes gun control A Virginia sheriff has vowed to deputize thousands in his county should the state government pass stringent gun control measures. The Culpepper County Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed to proclaim the county […]

The Hildabeast

You probably noticed I am rolling over the leading Democratic presidential candidates. That is not because I am all-agaga over Donald Trump. But the ugly psychopaths and sociopaths presented to us as the cream of the Democratic Party would make a buffoon look angelic. The darkest, ugliest of those souls is Hitlary. Incredibly, she is in the running to be installed as their candidate at the 2020 Democratic Convention by the elites known as “Super Delegates”. IF that happens before her crimes become public, she will at the very least be crushed by the voters again. However, I do not believe her protective force field will hold up that long. In this essay I provide ample evidence to back […]