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happy anniversary

Here it is twelve years after the event and people across the country and around the world won’t give it up. “Investigate 9/11” T-shirts, bumper stickers, handouts – they are still all over the place. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth just this month began a major billboard campaign: The government of the USofA is not going to re-open the investigation. The elected officials of both ruling parties and their appointees produced all the report they ever will. Yet many people won’t give up on the topic. In fact, Re-Think 9/11 is the mood of over 40% of the USofA population. Does it really matter any more? What point is there to knowing what happened a dozen years ago today? […]

September 5th – Jury Rights Day

Activists Across the Nation Celebrate Jury Rights Day on September 5 Fully Informed Jury Association On Thursday, September 5, 2013, activists across the country will celebrate Jury Rights Day, marking the 343rd anniversary of the day when jurors refused to convict William Penn of violating England’s Conventicle Acts, despite clear evidence that he acted illegally by preaching a Quaker sermon. In refusing to convict Penn, the jurors refused to enforce what they knew to be an unjust law. This is known as jury nullification or conscientious acquittal. For their refusal to obey the judge’s instruction to find Penn guilty, the judge sent four of Penn’s jurors to prison for nine weeks. Their later release and exoneration established forever the English […]

pot calls snow “black”

It is a twist of the old pot calling the kettle “black” when the traitorous federales accuse Snowden of treason for exposing them. The entirety of the federal legislative, executive and judicial branch have used the Constitution defining their roles and limitations as toilet paper. They have so trashed the rule of law that it is an extremely rare outlander who has more than a glimmering of what that should mean. I’ll help out a little here by quoting and summarizing some of the relevant portions of that defining document. Check the Bitterroot Bugle Permanent Pages list on the left column for the complete text or anywhere else the US Constitution is revered. The Constitution of the United States of […]

Obamacare not fait accompli … yet

Below is the executive summary of CATO’s white paper on Obama Care. Click this link for their site. Despite surviving a number of threats, President Obama’s health care law remains harmful, unstable, and unpopular. It also remains vulnerable to repeal, largely because Congress and the Supreme Court have granted each state the power to veto major provisions of the law before they take effect in 2014. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) itself empowers states to block the employer mandate, to exempt many of their low- and middle-income taxpayers from the individual mandate, and to reduce federal deficit spending, simply by not establishing a health insurance “exchange.” Supporters of the law do not care for this feature, yet […]

gun/shooting legislation status

Montana Shooting Sports Association Legislative Update for Friday March 22nd 2013 (Click on the link above and go there to see it with links and supporting information) Published on Friday, March 22, 2013 Tags:Gary Marbut|Montana|Montana Shooting Sports Association Montana Shooting Sports Association Montana Shooting Sports Association Missoula, MT –( A lot of action is happening on MSSA bills right now. The full rundown is below, so I’ll only cite bill numbers for the ones which need your action. Contacting the Governor: You can email Governor Bullock at mailto:[email protected], or use the message form at If emailing, put the requested action in the shortest possible Subject line, such as “Please approve SB 145.” With either email or Webform, BE […]

courtin’ disaster

My wife’s news tidbit of the day was an NPR story this morning that the brown color in some “food product” was actually made from cow poop. I don’t know if that is true or not, but my mind skips that discussion and jumps straight to the next step that will happen VS what should happen. What will happen will NOT have any negative consequences for the people who decided to put cow poop in a product sold as food. Neither is it likely to compensate the people who paid for and consumed stuff they no longer consider to be good food. No. Third and fourth parties who have no dog in the race at all will move a bunch […]