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Simple enough: Just compare vaccinated to unvaccinated

The topic unfortunately resembles deeply-held religious views rather than open scientific inquiry. I am estranged from my daughters because I sent one a copy of VAXXED, the movie that Robert Kennedy Junior produced that simply suggested the vaccine schedule or combinations should be researched for its relationship with vaccine injuries. It was not anti- vaccine, simply bringing up obvious questions deserving of answers. It is difficult to abandon core beliefs. We analyzed available information and made that decision once. We hate to go back to do it again, but moreso we are really loath to admit we were incorrect – ever. Which really is a ridiculous position when you think about it. – Ted Unvaccinated Children are Healthier than Vaccinated […]

Democrat states are 7.7 times as flu fatal as Republican

Run for your lives! Living in New York, New Jersy, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California and several others is extremely risky behavior in the world of Coronavirus. It is apparently quite easy to find a safer place to go. While I abhor the topsy-turvy color code where socialist, communist, RED is blue, I will just say that the states where coronovirus is most lethal are painted blue on lamestream media maps. Take the red pill. Get outta there! Or not. That is called free will… something the blue staters really discourage. But please, please, please, quarantine in place if you want to keep your head in the blue pill world. We on the other side would really appreciate it […]

a real doctor treating real patients

Terror, terror, terror. It is the tool of terrorists who want to create fear, panic and weakness. We are under attack by terrorists. Knowledge is the best antidote. Courage would be a nice partner, but in the current case not really necessary. Listen to this Dallas, Texas doctor describe her 20 year practice of medicine and how her treatments and protocols are taking flak from, well, the flaks. As World War Two bomber crews would tell us, “When you are taking flak, you can know you are over the target.”

The No Touching Nazis

Kevin James packed a great deal into less than two minutes with this short film. He answers the question, “Where are we heading with cultural ratfinking?” It is a witty, clever, well-done clip … I promise it will be worth your two minutes.

virus, vaccine quick pictorial


meet the doctor ordering 10 million people to stay home

the face of LA County’s health expert Los Angeles county exemplifies what is wrong with central planners who pay no price making decisions impacting those who pay for the mistakes. THE EXPERT in charge of their STAY HOME orders proudly wears the title “doctor”, but it is not what the word implies to the average person. It also has no relationship to her current job. Born in Puerto Rico, she attended enough classes in soft-studies to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Master of Arts in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, a Master of Arts in Public Health from Boston University. Arts […]


The hits keep on coming. We are being lied to on a grand scale. Fight as they might, the truth is working its way out on the world wide web. This video is one great example. – Ted –

the world of vaccines

Very unique rules surround the vaccine industry. Justified originally as a way to defend people within USofA in case of a biological weapon attack, subsidies, protections and government mandated uses have created a dangerous situation for us. Mainstream Internet, to employ a new phrase, deplatforms, obstructs and removes these critical reports, so I have saved it to my Vimeo channel as insurance against the YouTube censorship. On the left is the source interview. Watch it there at Alphabet-Googoo-YouTube while it lasts, or skip them altogether by watching it at my Vimeo channel on the right.

pagan in the pew

I have been SOCIAL DISTANCING as long as anyone, though if you have been reading my blog you know I am extremely skeptical of the official virus story and ridiculous responses to it. Time to go downtown. I best don my mask. Watching the show too closely, being in the company of the terrified masses, and dreading the conversation with devoted believers is what keeps me out of their world. It is very much like what keeps me out of Catholic Churches, Jewish Synagogues, Muslim Mosques, Masonic Temples, and the turf of others steeped in their belief-systems and specialized rituals surrounding them. Upstream where the water is cleaner, air fresher and people more clear-headed, we find an occasional masked man, […]

What’s your favorite indoor activity?

The May issue of the Costco Connection magazine has an article asking and answering that question. Adults will notice that one obvious answer is not in there… got me thinking that the question perhaps should have been: What is your second-favorite indoor activity? I rate the answers they published to their question as winners and losers: Practicing drums and marimba Inactivity Playing with cat Sewing Art Trying to stay out of my wife’s hair The losers are the type of people who die within the first year of their retirement from a lifetime of employment that gave them their sense of value. The winners have real lives. Their income source may or may not be fulfilling, and rewarding, but they […]

math test

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, is always worth a visit. I give you his web page complete with all links intact. Click the links to see his site as he delivers it to us. – Ted –   A simple quiz to check someone’s basic knowledge of math and statistics in the middle of a pandemic  by: Mike Adams Tags: coronavirus, goodscience, MATH, outbreak, pandemic, quiz, statistics     (Natural News) As we’ve seen when all the flawed math and science in recent coronavirus report, we aren’t exactly living in a math-centric world. In fact, basic skills in math and statistics are sorely lacking, even among people who consider themselves journalists or reporters. It’s not that we expect everyone to be a statistician or epidemiology expert, but […]

Corona Rebellion warming up

We are reading and hearing of it more and more. The outrageously padded numbers bring EVERYTHING reported into question. The hospitals are being paid an EXTRA $3,000 to $40,000 for EACH patient they are willing to list as POSSIBLY HAVING the dreaded COVID-19. For that kind of money USofA hospitals will list them as frogs or any other dang thing. What is the most expensive modern building in any city? Hospitals are money-machines. Their CEOs are all millionaires. What business are they in. (hint: $$$) Whatever rules the banksters make up, hospital administrators are willing to comply with, endorse, support and take advantage of. The scariest part of this news-dominating scare is how quickly and easily everybody fell into line […]

viral certainties

While chatting with an EMT friend yesterday we realized that there are nearly as many unknowns as knowns, but her sources verify and validate most of the same information as mine, while running counter to nearly everything coming from lamestream media and pet politicians. It is the same everywhere I go in the Bitterroot. I do not personally know anyone who believes the official stories. THE TRUTH? We may never know the whole truth. But what do we know? The microscopic markers all over this virus are of a laboratory creation rather than a natural one. It is a man-made biological weapon. It is clearly traced to a level four lab in Wuhan, China. It is likely traced from […]

Seattle – the heart of darkness

Seattle winters are damp, dark and depressing in normal years. March is their peak suicide season. This one is much worse. Seattelites are more depressed, angry, afraid and testy than they usually are in this emotionally dark season. All of their warm-feely-huggy policies are biting back in big ways. They welcomed world travelers into a major port city, cruise line home bases and international airline hub. They also threw out the welcome mat for refugees from anywhere and everywhere, invaders posing as refugees, homeless, drug addicts, pushers, gangs and welfare queens. Combining cause and effect, their Pacific Paradise is second only to New York as ground zero for the COVID-19 virus. In response the jails, prisons, courts and police […]