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BULLETIN: Antifa moving attacks to rural heartland this weekend

This just came to me. I am putting it out without delay for obvious reasons. While they may adjust their plans based on being exposed, the general drift of this report is a warning to us in the “safe” low population areas. Warning: While the frontline of the rioters may be half-wit mommie’s boys, the captains of these actions are clearly well-versed in 4th-generation-warfare doctrine. This is a much more dangerous enemy than it appears to be. Our feeling of security does not fit their plan to have us beg for martial law. Community posse, upgraded neighborhood watch, however you want to view it or whatever you want to call it, complacency at this time is dangerous. Main bulletin below […]

Will big city violence reach you?

A couple lifetimes ago I was a reader of Mother Earth News, which was if not first, at the very least quite early into what we might now call the prepper or back-to-nature lifestyle. I have been moving in fits and starts that direction ever since. While not quite Ruby Ridge, which didn’t work out all that well for the Weaver family, I am in a relatively good place. But the question rural dwellers should occasionally ponder is my headline here. The California missions were built 25 miles apart which was considered a day’s journey on foot. I learned that on primary school tours to Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma, California. I note today online that they are now […]

Democrat states are 7.7 times as flu fatal as Republican

Run for your lives! Living in New York, New Jersy, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California and several others is extremely risky behavior in the world of Coronavirus. It is apparently quite easy to find a safer place to go. While I abhor the topsy-turvy color code where socialist, communist, RED is blue, I will just say that the states where coronovirus is most lethal are painted blue on lamestream media maps. Take the red pill. Get outta there! Or not. That is called free will… something the blue staters really discourage. But please, please, please, quarantine in place if you want to keep your head in the blue pill world. We on the other side would really appreciate it […]

a real doctor treating real patients

Terror, terror, terror. It is the tool of terrorists who want to create fear, panic and weakness. We are under attack by terrorists. Knowledge is the best antidote. Courage would be a nice partner, but in the current case not really necessary. Listen to this Dallas, Texas doctor describe her 20 year practice of medicine and how her treatments and protocols are taking flak from, well, the flaks. As World War Two bomber crews would tell us, “When you are taking flak, you can know you are over the target.”

Big Business, on the other hand, takes no hits

On May 19th I published crushing Mom’n’Pop here discussing how crucial small business has been to our economy, life, liberty and property. Small business is either the prime target or one of the intended victims of the Covid terrorist attacks. Today I found this poster describing the country’s largest employers as very much NOT the target. I websearched the numbers and found modest variance with the figures below, but nothing that would change the point being made here.

The No Touching Nazis

Kevin James packed a great deal into less than two minutes with this short film. He answers the question, “Where are we heading with cultural ratfinking?” It is a witty, clever, well-done clip … I promise it will be worth your two minutes.

crushing Mom’n’Pop

Some call it “unintended consequences”, but the evidence points to a deliberate plan with a built in “Oh gee we didn’t think of that” excuse. They closed small businesses. These people typically plow most of their money right back into their businesses. Reserves are a very rare luxury in the self-employed world. Then big government sends a token payment … too little, too late. Business bills keep on rolling in. Commercial real estate is very expensive. Supply chains must be kept alive. Most importantly, the human assets must be fed. Mom’n’Pop have their personal expenses as do their trained, experienced staffs. Unemployment support is for the workers who are out of work. The self-employed and employers themselves do not […]

virus, vaccine quick pictorial


meet the doctor ordering 10 million people to stay home

the face of LA County’s health expert Los Angeles county exemplifies what is wrong with central planners who pay no price making decisions impacting those who pay for the mistakes. THE EXPERT in charge of their STAY HOME orders proudly wears the title “doctor”, but it is not what the word implies to the average person. It also has no relationship to her current job. Born in Puerto Rico, she attended enough classes in soft-studies to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Master of Arts in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, a Master of Arts in Public Health from Boston University. Arts […]


The hits keep on coming. We are being lied to on a grand scale. Fight as they might, the truth is working its way out on the world wide web. This video is one great example. – Ted –

Corona Rebellion warming up

We are reading and hearing of it more and more. The outrageously padded numbers bring EVERYTHING reported into question. The hospitals are being paid an EXTRA $3,000 to $40,000 for EACH patient they are willing to list as POSSIBLY HAVING the dreaded COVID-19. For that kind of money USofA hospitals will list them as frogs or any other dang thing. What is the most expensive modern building in any city? Hospitals are money-machines. Their CEOs are all millionaires. What business are they in. (hint: $$$) Whatever rules the banksters make up, hospital administrators are willing to comply with, endorse, support and take advantage of. The scariest part of this news-dominating scare is how quickly and easily everybody fell into line […]

Are you sick yet?

I don’t know about you, but I and most of the people I know are SICK OF IT. This political football that stumbled into a five-way Chicago gang fight is getting kicked, tossed, smacked, knifed, shot, taxed, lied about, and beat up in incredible ways. I wish I could say they are also creative abuses, but NO … mundane, repetitious and malicious apply here. In my household we are rather uninjured with the business shuttering, odd behavior patterns and paranoia promulgated by politicians and their theatrical companions. But the ready acceptance of it all is troubling. I don’t so much shelter in place, I keep my own company because my little circle of friends does not project an eagerness to […]

Out Of Shadows

This may be the most important movie you ever watch. It explains the world as we know it, and why we comprehend it this way. “Conspiracy Theory” is a phrase created by the CIA to smear people who did not swallow the official reports on the JFK assassination. What if most of our conspiracy theories were actually the facts. How can we know? Is there linkage between movies, radio, television, political power and the CIA? Out Of Shadows shares insider insights from all of the above. Find the time to watch this movie.

viral certainties

While chatting with an EMT friend yesterday we realized that there are nearly as many unknowns as knowns, but her sources verify and validate most of the same information as mine, while running counter to nearly everything coming from lamestream media and pet politicians. It is the same everywhere I go in the Bitterroot. I do not personally know anyone who believes the official stories. THE TRUTH? We may never know the whole truth. But what do we know? The microscopic markers all over this virus are of a laboratory creation rather than a natural one. It is a man-made biological weapon. It is clearly traced to a level four lab in Wuhan, China. It is likely traced from […]