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Dumbing US Down

Is the title of John Taylor Gatto‘s 2005 book exposing what his industry was doing TO our children. Several times New York City and NY state Teacher Of The Year, he knew exactly what he was talking about. The US Department of Education has a Newspeak name, as most agencies do. It was created to eliminate constructive education nation-wide. It has apparently been a wild success at that. Homeschool seems to be the only escape as they are crushing any private school that shows signs of success and educational merit. – Ted – K-12: The War against Children By Bruce Deitrick Price American public schools, by all the usual metrics, have steadily declined for a century.  Was this inevitable?  Or is […]

final day of registration for ham class is Friday

This a repeat of my previous announcement. There is one more day of online registration for Darby Adult Ed classes. We stand ONE STUDENT SHORT of having enough to make it happen. I am bringing another amateur radio operator licensing class to Darby, Montana via the Darby Adult Education program in its Spring 2020 schedule. I have not keept track, but think I have personally assisted 40 or 50 people to earning their FCC licenses through my study groups in the Darby library. The snide saying goes, “Those who CAN, DO. Those who cannot, TEACH”. I’m okay wearing that. Good instructors are as rare as good anything else. I did not choose this calling, blessing or curse. It chose me. […]

Ham license class begins February 1st

I am bringing another amateur radio operator licensing class to Darby, Montana via the Darby Adult Education program in its Spring 2020 schedule. I have not keept track, but think I have personally assisted 40 or 50 people to earning their FCC licenses through my study groups in the Darby library. The snide saying goes, “Those who CAN, DO. Those who cannot, TEACH”. I’m okay wearing that. Good instructors are as rare as good anything else. I did not choose this calling, blessing or curse. It chose me. Run with your talents. Every person who has come to all of the class sessions and studied two or more hours between sessions passed the FCC Technician License Exam at the end. […]

higher education

I am definitely not talking about four or more additional years of mind numbing government school indoctrination. We all need to encourage our youth to begin using their heads as early as they begin showing fascination in different areas, or expressing interesting ideas of their own. We must enable them to follow their passions. Pursue their innovations. Create value. Apprentice with intriguing craftsmen. For dang-sure, we do NOT want them wasting four years in a completely dumbed-down university system with no employment possibilities for the uber-expensive degrees offered. I’m not bothering to include the links today, but the ‘hard sciences’ have been eviscerated by Newspeak. There are no solids in the secondary education system today. The whole dang thing […]

Darby Adult Ed calendar is up

I have contributed numerous classes to the community, most through the Darby Adult Education program in southwestern Montana. An interesting array of people share their skills and passions with others in this nice little community. This Spring Semester is no exception. We have many nice choices in front of us for new experiences, knowledge, training, friendships and fun. I am bringing my first-level Amateur Radio class back by popular demand. I must be nearing 50 people I have helped earn their FCC Technician or General Class licenses. My guarantee: If you attend every class and study a few hours a week, you will pass the FCC Technician Exam at the end regardless of your technical background or lack thereof. I […]

finger felonies in middle school

Parents are increasingly pulling their children out of public schools. Homeschooling is blossoming. Private and religious schools are growing. Ridiculous stories from the government schools are exploding. I share a smattering of them here, starting with a current book on the subject, though John Taylor Gatto was warning us about government raising our young over 25 years ago with his activism and book “Dumbing US Down“. – Ted – Get Out Now Should we stay or should we go? Millions of parents with children in public schools can’t believe they’re asking this question. But they are. And you should be asking it too. Almost overnight, America’s public schools have become morally toxic. And they are especially poisonous for the hearts […]

enemy of the state

I am in good company. Perhaps the greatest ever is Murray Rothbard (March 2, 1926 – January 7, 1995). I use the present tense because he not only was an economic, cultural and political genius, he also was a prolific author of books that clearly explained the real world in contrast to the ones the supreme charlatans would have us believe in. His lessons live on through his writings and his students. I am a relatively inconsequential disciple of his, with America’s Great Depression and What Has Government Done to Our Money? among the more significant books in my reference library. Those two, by the way, along with Albert Jay Nock’s Our Enemy, The State and F. A. Hayek’s The […]

Advice to the College-Bound

from the Old, White Professor from The American Thinker by Abraham H. Miller In a few weeks, some of you will be going off to college. But before you commit yourself to the decision and the ensuing financial burden, there are a few things you should know. Nearly all college experiences begin with a series of orientation sessions. Most start with the assumption that you are the cursed offspring of a flawed society. You come to college not to be educated but to be reeducated. You have imbibed of racism, sexism, and homophobia. And for some outrageous amount of tuition that will send many of you into perpetual debt, the modern-day Gletkins of academia will purge you of these […]

growing minds

“Growth and mastery come only to those who vigorously self-direct. Initiating, creating, doing, reflecting, freely associating, enjoying privacy — these are precisely what the structures of schooling are set up to prevent, on one pretext or another.” — John Taylor Gatto (1937-) ——–

gotta get a college education

“Colleges are a great repository of wisdom. The incoming freshmen bring a little with them, and the graduating class take none when they leave.” — anonymous I’ve been cogitating on how to express it, but lately wanting to rage at the rage of sending absolutely everyone to “get a college education”.  Those in the know call it extended indoctrination, but the ruling class has been smashingly successful at selling it as a brass ring rather than the brass farthing it actually is. What far too many college graduates end up with nowadays at the end of four or more years out of the prime of their lives are huge inescapable debts and employment at entry level jobs requiring an elementary […]

snowflake baggage

We have inherited a teenage girl for a while. She is solidly entrenched in the middle of the flock. That is to say, unfortunately average and normal for this generation. I really did not want to observe the snowflakes any closer, but the trajectory she and her mom were on was going from bad to worse. Youth is supposed to be the time of experimentation, unbridled enthusiasm, curiosity, energy, creativity and rapid learning. These attributes are much more a part of me, though my age group is ‘supposed to be’ retired and quite opposite in those characteristics. The Kid is rather unambitious and limited in creativity, but what struck me yesterday was the baggage today’s Normies carry around. My […]

college diversity 101

Timing wise you might note: 1) Eliminate challenging and useful college courses 2) Eliminate technical and practical degrees 3) Eliminate challenging thoughts and speech 4) Eliminate the remaining white college students 5) Enslave with college debt and mental chains all who pass through the filters Turns out to be an interesting selection system. The creative, the inspired, the ambitious either teach themselves, apprentice, or take shorter, more directly applicable courses from trade schools. The knuckle-dragging drones take another 5 or 10 years in public indoctrination centers before making their way into a thoughtless, thankless, useless employment or welfare track for life. Slavery is back in the USofA… This time they fashion their own chains and slip them on with […]

not my job, mon

The MSU Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center suffered a complete roof collapse in the center’s south gym in early March, followed just days later by the collapse of the roof in the center’s north gym. The engineering college dean at Montana State University says he doesn’t see the collapse of two gym roofs on campus as a failure by engineers who designed the buildings. Golly, who could have predicted snow would fall in Montana??? Engineers and engineering students get participation awards in the form of college diplomas and certificates of achievement. It is unfair to the ignorant, stupid, the halt and the lame to demand results commensurate with their titles. We had that ugly system where engineering and architecture were populated […]

big picture planning

A good friend was rambling on about his latest knowledge seeking topic. He is a major fan of YouTube learning, often following a particular subject down whatever rabbit holes they lead to. He is very intelligent, retaining near-encyclopedic knowledge on an impressively wide range of topics. But he does lose focus on his own priorities from time to time. Yesterday evening was one of those. So I brought my white board into play. I scribed and organized while he gave me his list and quantified the items there. His list is not the subject I want to share with you. I encourage you, on the other hand, to go through the process occasionally. White boards, chalk boards, super-sized computer displays […]