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Take Action: encourage your sheriff to be like this one

Ohio sheriff relays AND responds to warning given to National Sheriff’s Association This sheriff may not be perfect, but he certainly is blazing a good trail worth following for the 3,081 sheriffs in the USofA. All of them were invited to an official FBI briefing in Washington DC. The Butler County, Ohio sheriff was not only impressed with the gravity of the situation, He is taking action. That action is to recruit and involve good citizens of Butler County in building a team that may have a chance of survival against the immediate threats every county in the USofA is currently facing. According to FBI information – as well as what any of us paying attention already knew, the […]

famine plan

They want us starving (97% to death), with the remainder dependent, obedient, confused, unthinking slaves. Once again, I am sharing my Internet link collection on the heading subject. As I outlined in my February 3rd snapshot of 2024 article and video, the assault on humanity, nature and Earth is multi-faceted… really hard for humans to believe, but it is very real and I will spend the next weeks trying to break it down into bite sized pieces, supporting each one individually with links to other credible sources. At the top of my list is an article in both text and video form itemizing 100 food production facilities that have COINCIDENTALLY been destroyed in the last three years. You probably have […]

Global vaxx, biowar, genocide, medical war

One of the services I provide here at Bitterroot Bugle is as an alternative news researcher and sharing platform. In that role, I save a lot of links in an organized fashion that I might bring them to you with some semblance of order and cohesion. I have been pasting links into a folder under the heading above. Here they are in all their glory. Complete with excerpts and links to each article in full from their original publishers. The memes, graphics are from another collection I download and archive on my own computer. They obviously relate, but are not parts of the original donor articles I pasted them into. I don’t know about you, but I do not carry […]

What are they hiding?

Whenever the politicians, banksters and presstitutes put a highly-publicized show in front of us, they are setting up something they really don’t want us to see offstage. What is this monster sneaking up on us? What are THE BIG STORIES in our world today? I focus here on USofA as well as globally as a key ingredient of THEIR Agenda 2030 is to eliminate the hard-to-break bastion of creativity and libertarian resistance that is/was our once free country in order to destroy the world as we know it, kill 97% of the human population and enslave the rest.. They are making disgustingly good progress. World War BIG STORIES are like provoking all of North Africa and Western Asia into […]

February 3rd snapshot of 2024

This year will be quite interesting. So many monumental plates are spinning down at this moment that no magician can keep them all going. It appears that the black magicians have absolutely no interest in doing that, anyway. They got these all in play in such a way as to crash them all at once, and stand in the wings ready to sweep up the pieces into their big trash cans full of nature, humanity and Earth itself. I made a points-of-conflict list for reference as I recorded this video. Here is what I intended to cover, and embellish on, and what I expect to cover in print with links at The Bitterroot Bugle over the coming weeks. Who […]

Major warning embedded in 2024 health insurance change

This video is from a woman who has been selling and servicing health insurance for many years. She is talking about a major change by multiple carriers for this year. This is a “What the heck is going on” moment, but remember the global banking cartels have ALL THE MONEY and everything it can buy including the insurance companies. Moreover, they greedily grab up every penny they can take out of our pockets and scheme on ways to make us absolutely destitute slaves. Excluding from coverage injuries or death from wars, insurrections, violent riots that they plan should not be surprising, but spelling it out in 2024 policies is a bit disconcerting, to say the least. I find it […]

Beware Eagle Pass Texas Trap

On January 27th, I posted a warning about Eagle Pass being a setup to entrap patriots into a potential disaster. My warning was primarily inspired by this video by Michael Yan on Info Wars. Whatever you think of Alex Jones, he is correct A LOT. Which is something that cannot be said about the dominant news sources. For the most part, Alex stays out of Michael’s way as he explains his research, analysis and why he fears for those activists who are heading for this border trap. His message and evidence fit well with my own observations … that is, it smells like the truth. In a few days we will know for certain, but I sure wouldn’t take […]

Whitney Webb

Whitney is arguably a genius. Her depth and breadth of knowledge coupled with a unique ability to pull up facts, figures, names, dates and assemble them into coherent, logical, understandable points places her in the top tier of researchers, analysts and teachers. Watching her I am struck as I suspect most people are by the thought that she is just way too young to have the depth and breadth of knowledge she obviously has, and amazingly adept at pulling related bits together on the fly. As an extremely desirable guest among counter-state media programs, available videos of her on popular shows is an extensive list. Topics cover the gamut of things The Deep State would rather we did not know. […]

border crossing benefit packages

I copied and pasted the story from GAB below, but the key ingredient is right here: “He told me once he entered into our country our government issued him a social security card along with $2200 dollars a month from SSI and is tax exempt for the next 7 years. He told me that it cost him and his family absolutely nothing to live as they receive free taxpayer funded benefits ! That they live and eat for free and send all the money they receive back into Mexico. “ My wife and I both had our incomes forcibly taxed constantly throughout our 45-year working careers. Supposedly that money would come back to us with genuine cost-of-living increases to […]

Texas false flag alert – don’t go

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the Texas convoy. Most of us get all “HOO-RAH” over the concept of The People finally rising in resistance to an over-reaching fascist state. That’s all well and good, but I hope we do not lose another batch of early resistors to a cleverly-laid trap. It is all clear and well-documented what happened to the great January 6th People’s Rally after the ludicrous Biden/Trump election show. All Rule-Of-Law semblance was cast aside to take potential resistance leaders off the playing field. Anyone who could find the time and inspiration for travel to DC for a great show of solidarity and support of ‘A Free Country’ was […]

Global vaxx, biowar, genocide, medical war

I have ten links and article clips to share with you on the subject. It would be difficult for an open mind having Internet access to not know this is going on and very, very real. However we all know people whose eyes and minds are slammed shut on the subject. I am very sorry for them, but do not add to their troubles by alienating them with my alarms. You, on the other hand, can use all of the reinforcements I can muster … and a lot more… just doing my part here. This post shares both good news and bad. It is nice that so many have avoided the media and political blitzkrieg pushing their poison… remaining among […]

If it all goes wrong, with whom will the police side?

I read this article republished on The American Thinker website. It was thoughtful, insightful and thought-provoking. I also agreed with it as I read along. Then I came to the comments section and found that I agreed with many of them, even those who disagreed with the article’s author, Mike McDaniel. It depends a lot on your experience with the police agencies in your area. I have experienced both good and bad, from inside and out. I suspect those in my current area of operation would be as Mike describes. I recommend both the article and the comments. You might choose to read it at The American Thinker, but I include it all here if you want to stay put. […]

Hostile army invades the USofA

I have been accumulating a large number of links and information on a wide range of topics. Hopefully I can share much of that with you over the next days and weeks. 2024 is likely to be far and away the most challenging, changing year any of us have experienced. Our peace, tranquility, happiness, property and lives are all at risk. I will cover one of the fronts in this attack today. This invading army is funded, created and operated by the globalists who took over the banking system and governments of all but a few nations in the world today. The predominantly white, highly productive and liberty loving people of this country are a barrier to their dream […]

Why We Should Dread a Second Civil War

   JAMES WESLEY RAWLES  DECEMBER 31, 2023          Introductory Note: In a SurvivalBlog essay that I wrote back in January, 2019, I warned that there were signs that a Second Civil War might be brewing. I’d like to update and expand on that theme, in this essay. — The recent release of the first trailer for the scheduled April 2024 release of the A24 Productions movie titled Civil War has prompted considerable conjecture. The film reportedly had a $75 million budget. Commentator Tim Pool posted his thoughts on it, and then followed up with a more in-depth panel discussion, and then another. Dozens of others have also chimed in, so YouTube is now replete with “Civil War Trailer Reaction” videos, from both right-wingers and left-wingers. Many conservatives are scratching their heads, doubting how […]