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The “new world order” has been openly discussed by multiple presidents, banking heads, united nations ‘ambassadors’, mega-corporate heads and ‘top government officials’. This all refers to a one-world government, one-world currency and a compliant populace that does their bidding.

Who came up with the idea and who do you suppose is going to be in charge of this Brave New World?

Those-who-cannot-be-named are at the core, but the main body of planners and top-echelon of the ruling elite has been named The Bilderberg Group. They meet annually amid greater security than nearly any meeting on the planet. With great effort and risk, some of who is involved and what goes on gets out.

The members of this group, the people who are invited to these gatherings read like a political, media, military and industrial who’s-who. Thinking they get invited BECAUSE of their positions of power gets it backwards. They are in those positions of power because of who they are; of what kind of people they are, what their belief systems are and their willingness to do anything, say anything as long as it meets the end goals of their elite group.

Through the miracle of central banking (see the book The Creature from Jekyll Island, the essay feral reserve, and essay banking history), that is, via the ability to print money out of thin air, then loan it to people and governments, to own the debts and control the economies of all the people and the governments of every country of the world, through that one trick, they got to put their people in key positions. A hundred years of choosing the people at the top has all but eliminated any possibility of replacing what most refer to as “our leaders” with anyone we would trust to baby sit our pet goldfish. Yet these amoral charlatans wear knotted silk where hemp rope belongs.

Among the most courageous men on the planet, one who has survived multiple assassination attempts, who knows more are coming and why, is Daniel Estulen. His two books are thoroughly documented, footnoted and immensely powerful revelations of the Bildergerg Group’s workings. There are many other sources and coverage of these blights upon the human race. You can get supporting evidence a’plenty if you look. But here is a great and thorough start:

In The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,
Estulen describes his research, explains the group’s founding, its tentacles into positions of power and some truly evil events that most of us may have viewed as unconnected and/or random.

The Shadow Masters continues the expose’. Again, with solid sources and evidence, Daniel takes you on a journey through events you thought you understood with startling new views of them. There are ominous forebodings of, and plans for future events that will be designed to appear random, to blame others and to drive us to their new world order.

Most importantly, you will forever understand that via the political process we currently use, the puppet-in-chief and entire court can be switched out with absolute no change in the trajectory our country and socio-political world is on.