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ham class Feb-April 2020

I am bringing another amateur radio operator licensing class to Darby, Montana. I have not keept track, but think I have personally assisted over 30 people to earning their FCC licenses through my study groups in the Darby, Montana library.

The snide saying goes, “Those who CAN, DO. Those who cannot, TEACH”. I’m okay wearing that. Good instructors are as rare as good anything else. I did not choose this calling, blessing or curse. It chose me. Run with your talents.

Every person who has come to all of the class sessions and studied two or more hours between sessions passed the FCC Technician License Exam at the end. You can too.

If you want to print out a copy of the above flier, here is a .pdf of it:



The class schedule:

Welcome to Amateur Radio
FCC, licensing, getting your license
February 1st, 1030-1230, Darby Library
books available from instructor for $30 [+ $3 for spiral bound] (save $10.45 shipping)

Radio and Signals Fundamentals
February 8th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Electricity, Components and Circuits
February 15th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Propagation, Antennas and Feed Lines
February 22nd, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Amateur Radio Equipment
February 29th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Communicating With Other Hams
March 7th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Licensing Regulations
March 14th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Operating Regulations
March 21st, 1030-1230, Darby Library

March 28th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

FCC License Test Session – Tech, General, Amateur Extra
April 4th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

programming, using your ham radio
April 11th, 1030-1230, Darby Library
On this class date students will begin working with their own handheld HAM radios.

practice using your ham radio
April 18th, 1030-1230, Darby Library
In this session we will practice using our radios with mentoring.