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emergency comms

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, once again I address the subject of what do you do when your phones and Internet stop working?

Nothing useful

Are the two answers most people will default to.

I know I am unusual in planning and preparing for such a scenario. I not only think of ME and mine, but want others to have value in their radios as well. So I produce an attractive, sturdy laminated card that they just might keep with their two-way radio enabling them to find value in it when no other means of mid-range communication is available.

I hereby introduce GEN III of my cards.

I will distribute as widely as I can. You can help. Production costs run about two cards for a dollar. You can help with that, but more importantly, HELP distribute them.

Here is a .pdf with four images per page times two pages. You can print and slice up cheap versions of my cards. In my opinion, people will value them based on two factors: what they paid for ’em and what they look/feel like. That is why I pay for the quality that might just be kept with their radios for that moment when they really, really need to have a clue as what to do.

BEARS emergency card gen III