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COVID, inside report, international comparison, and vaccines

three factual reports we should all see First: “Please read your vaccine inserts” The forensic nurse, Rachel Celler, RN, did read the inserts, and thoroughly understands them. She pleads with all medical professionals to do the same… and recommends that we do, but most of them don’t. Rachel Celler, RN, forensic nursing specialist, dedicated to exposing medical crime. Working to help people understand root causes of disease. Holistic nurse Navy Veteran Every bit as relevant, and perhaps even more damning of those running this viral response is the following investigative report from inside the New York hospital known widely as The Center of The Center of the COVID pandemic. Video by military veteran nurse assigned to NYC covid epicenter hospital. […]

FDA: vaccines are often contaminated with serious disease-causing viruses

Bombshell: After finding of hundreds of cancer genes in MMR vaccines, FDA researcher admits viral cells in vaccines may “activate” genes and spread more disease   The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published the results of an eye-opening investigation which found that the cellular matter used in the manufacture of many childhood vaccines is often contaminated with serious disease-causing viruses. Conducted by Arifa S. Khan, PhD, the study looked at viral-based vaccines like seasonal flu shots that are made from living cells, or replicable cell substrates. As it turns out, these continual growth cells are oftentimes contaminated with hidden viral fragments that are tumorigenic in nature, meaning they have the potential to cause cancer. These viruses tend to be […]

the world of vaccines

Very unique rules surround the vaccine industry. Justified originally as a way to defend people within USofA in case of a biological weapon attack, subsidies, protections and government mandated uses have created a dangerous situation for us. Mainstream Internet, to employ a new phrase, deplatforms, obstructs and removes these critical reports, so I have saved it to my Vimeo channel as insurance against the YouTube censorship. On the left is the source interview. Watch it there at Alphabet-Googoo-YouTube while it lasts, or skip them altogether by watching it at my Vimeo channel on the right.

Harvard Medical School Professors Uncover an Uncomfortable Truth About Vaccines

  By Arjun Walia The Facts: A 2010 HHS pilot study by the Federal Agency for Health Care Research (AHCR) found that 1 in every 39 vaccines causes injury, a shocking comparison to the claims from the CDC of 1 in every million. Reflect On: Are vaccines really as safe as they’re marketed to be? We are constantly told that vaccines are safe and effective and that there’s nothing to worry about. This simply isn’t the case, and it’s a hard-to-swallow truth that many people refuse to acknowledge. Mass marketing campaigns portray vaccines in a ‘God-like’ light, and the science is being ignored. The truth is that vaccines are actually exempt from double-blind placebo controlled studies and they have not […]

How Much Money Do Pediatricians Make on Vaccines?

Oregon Pediatrician Responds to Critics – Explains How Much Money Pediatricians Make on Vaccines from Health Impact News Oregon pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas. Image Source. Health Impact News Oregon pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas was recently featured in the Williamette Week by reporter Rachel Monahan, with the headline: Vaccine-Doubting Oregon Doctor Loses Medicaid Funding: Dr. Paul Thomas is barred from participating in a federal program that provides poor children with vaccinations Dr. Paul published his response via his Facebook Page: So WW once again distorts the facts in their attempt to discredit me. Here is my response: Let us set the record straight. Rachel – shame on you once again for distorting facts. Actually it might just be WW who should be ashamed […]

Vaccines: who are you going to believe?

On the one hand we have the acknowledged experts in drug pushing and vaccines. Theirs is a trillion dollar industry. One might assume they could spend A LOT of money defending it. On the other we have researchers, pediatricians, parents who have seen horrible damage from vaccines… and who, by speaking out, are trying to warn others of the dangers. The dominant side has billions of dollars to work with. They bribe doctors, regulators, politicians and media to portray vaccines in a gorgeous humanitarian, healthful light. They spend several times as much on lobbying politicians, marketing to consumers, influencing social media and bribing doctors as they do on research. They hire platoons of youngsters eager to earn a supra-minimum-wage […]

toxic vaccines

from UCLA Pediatrician Resigns Because ‘American Association of Pediatrics Knows Vaccines Cause Autism’ Posted By: helenSco February 20, 2016 Dr. Kenneth P Stoller, MD, is a former Pediatrician at UCLA who resigned because he says that the American Academy of Pediatrics KNOWS Vaccines cause autism and tried to hide it. Dr. Kenneth P Stoller, MD was trained as a pediatrician at UCLA and was a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two decades. In 2008 he resigned from the AAP after realizing that the AAP has known that mercury in vaccines can cause Autism and other neurological damage, yet the organization has refused to make a determined effort to have mercury (in thimerosal) removed from all vaccines. […]

doctors say “heck no” to vaccines

A Battle is Raging Within Mainstream Medicine: 22,000 Nurses Refuse Mandatory Vaccinations Although the medical workers’ reaction to the mass genocide is painstakingly slow, they are reacting in such a way that should wake up a lot of people. We are now seeing doctors sharing their own murderous experience alongside Big Pharma, bravely confirming “conspiracy theories” about an elaborate global depopulation program spearheaded by governing bodies such as the World Health Organization, in collusion with the top industrial chemical cartel namely Bayer and Dow Chemicals and their subsidiary drug companies. Every Vaccine Produces Harm | Dr. Andrew Moulden Medical Over-Treatment: 3rd Leading Cause of Death in U.S. Big Pharma’s Shameful Secret & Government’s Genocidal Culpability Holistic Doctors Researching Autism […]

Mandated Vaccines: Finding Our Path to Freedom

By Rosanne Lindsay ND In June, California became the first state to mandate vaccination for all children attending public and private schools. Similar mandates will apply to all adults working in daycare settings. There are currently 58 bills in 24 different states that would limit your rights when it comes to vaccines, or lose your job. A proposed Federal law will attempt to jab the entire nation. While we were sleeping, presidential candidates began practicing medicine without a license, declaring no one has a right to refuse vaccination, meanwhile openly accepting bribes from the pharmaceutical industry. In Australia, “‘conscientious objectors’ to childhood vaccination will have their childcare and family tax payments stopped.” Suddenly, we’ve awakened to the global herd […]

vaccines: the big picture

Globalism and the push for mandatory universal vaccination Anthony Freda Art By Jon Rappoport (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) “Once you really understand the truth behind the lies in a given arena, then you can finally back up far enough and see the actual reasons for the lies. You can see the secret program the lies are protecting. You can see why the program is being pushed. You can see what most people would rather not see.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport) In many previous articles, I have established a number of facts about vaccines. They are not safe. They are not effective. They were not responsible for the major decline in so-called contagious diseases. […]

big bucks vote for vaccines

The debate rages over vaccines. On one side are the horrible, irresponsible Luddites with their outlandish claims that vaccines are actually a bad thing. On the other side are medical professionals, drug companies, politicians and mainstream media insisting that vaccines are so important to our health that they must be made mandatory. There are four million USofA births per year. The Center for Disease Control promotes each and every one of them getting 101 vaccines injected into them. At $94 per vaccine ($94 X 101 X 4,000,000= $37,976,000,000) there is just shy of thirty eight billion dollars at play here. I went to the CDC’s website and found vaccine private-sector costs ranging from $21 to $168, depending on the vaccine. […]

vaccines are the news

Whenever all major media relentlessly promotes a single topic out of the millions available, there is an obvious agenda behind it. In lockstep, they tried to promote mass, mandatory vaccination for Ebola. When that showed signs of failure, again in lockstep, news on Ebola disappeared. The mass vaccination forces retrenched and are now plying measles as The Reason we must force mass vaccinations. The question we should be asking is “Why are they so interested in vaccinating us all? What Is In It?” … I mean besides mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other things the federal EPA would imprison us for spilling in our yard but the federal CDC would like to mandate we inject directly into our bloodstream; toxins that […]

Ebola Vaccines to the Rescue?

Posted by Dr Sircus on October 21, 2014 We are being warned that the epidemic may not end until the world has a vaccine against the disease, according to Professor Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is one of the scientists who discovered the virus. There are three vaccines now being fast-tracked through early safety trials in volunteers in the UK, the US and in unaffected Mali to ensure that they do no harm, reports the Guardian but the safest vaccines still have their problems and sometimes their toxicity seriously hurts and kill people without help from any virus. Test results should be available by the end of November or start of […]

1 20 2021 is a numeric palindrome

Most of us are aware of how The Cabal loves to play with their numerology. With that in mind, tomorrow has an increased likelihood of being * SHOW TIME * Jan 20th 2021 = 1/20/2021 = 1 20 2021 = 1202021 I increased paying attention to numerous channels where I get my interesting news from… obviously not lamestream media or its platoon of presstitutes. Today I figure to give that a rest. Palindrome Day is so much more likely to have the excitement in it. 1 19 2021 just doesn’t have a fun ring to it. The fence surrounding the halls of Congress have grown bigger and taller. The number of military personnel in DC has grown to somewhere […]