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Killing the Mockingbird

Q – Killing The Mockingbird from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo. Q is a group of patriots who were in the right place at the right time with the skills, courage and motivation to do battle with The Deep State. We are in the middle of that war. We are important participants. In under five minutes this video describes the situation and one of the roles we need to play in it. I copied it to my Vimeo channel as insurance against having it removed or made inaccessible in its native site. This particular front is over our sources of information, and therefore the hearts and minds of us all. The criminal cabal is losing, but will do everything in […]

State of the Planet

In the video I posted July 30th, I promised that links to much of my source material would be found here. I am doing that now. In nearly every case I have put details and links in my prior posts, so I am taking a shortcut with that as you will see. I am greatly impressed that the creators of The Georgia Guidestones used one of their Directed Energy Weapons to take down their edifice. Nobody else could have done it. The real question we cannot answer quite yet is WHY? As with all they do, it is not in our best interest. They are not doing us any favors. The Food Plant Fires is another story I covered with […]

elusive truths from Ukraine

The First Casualty of War Is the Truth – The Current Western Propaganda for Ukraine Is Epic in Scale I have been watching from the start of the current propaganda storm, war, or Russian invasion, depending on the information source. My nose for news, for truth is twitching full time now whenever news of Ukraine is involved. I actually really started paying attention to Ukraine in 2014 when the CIA and USofA State Department created protests much like the local ANTIFA and BLM versions here in our country. Literally a half dozen CIA-sponsored soulless riflemen shot people on both sides of the Ukrainian protests to turn them violent. For her part, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria […]

Poly Sci 101 status report

Years of watching and noting truth VS propoganda tells me that the article included below is SPOT ON throughout. Not to mention that the website has an impeccable track record for accuracy. If you want to know what has happened, what is happening and where we are today, the following article is for you. – Ted   Open Source Intelligence   The Spring Offensive (Issue #033) The quantity of information available to the public at large, coupled with the even larger quantity of disinformation, is enough to make one’s head spin. We, the American People, are witnessing the dramatic unfolding of one of the most transformational events in American history. We are in the middle of a years-long movie, with […]

Fake News

This post is an accumulation of quotes, links and excerpts I gathered along with a two-part video I created on the subject. A major part of THEIR power comes from ownership and synchronization of all mainstream media outlets. The scripts sent to the talking heads are absolutely IDENTICAL… and almost universally false propaganda to move the average people in directions desired by those who would rule the planet. I want to do a series of video and blog posts baring naked the fake world we inhabit. There is no better place to start than with the fake media – taken over by the CIA with Operation Mockingbird and made worse every year thereafter. My camera broke this video into […]

April Fools’ Day

I am so tired of the lies, deceit, and acceptance thereof. When do the hangings begin? We are living William Casey’s dream where everything normal people believe is false. What are they distracting us from? The Lamestream presstitutes are pumping transgender rights to kill the 99% who don’t understand them. Trump is under legal attack . Worshipers of the Trump Messiah are massing to peacefully protest assaults on their prince. Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine is the first military conflict in recent history that has NO – like ZERO embedded western reporters who are normally cheek-to-jowl trying to make names for themselves. Absence of any frontline reports appears to be no handicap, however. Western media is completely in […]

royal families

Many of us know about the handful of families who ruled the empires of the 1400s, 1500s, 1600s and 1700s, but only the modern sleuths and investigative reporters of the Internet know much of that in today’s world. The people in power want us to live under the impression that any of us could grow up to be king, president, prime minister or such, and more importantly that they are “one of us”. We live in exciting times where the truth is available, but we have to wade through a blizzard of lies to see it. There have been dozens, perhaps hundreds of books published on bloodline connections over the centuries. It is somewhat surprising to find that even […]

De Bunkers … Hoo dey?

We commonly hear or read, “Oh that’s been debunked”. Oh really? Just who debunked it? How and why? Snopes turned out to be CIA. Oh Gee, Who-duh-thunk? It was the CIA that created the phrase “conspiracy theorist” to discredit people who were vocally not believing the Oswald magic bullet theory regarding JFK’s assassination. Operation Mockingbird Operation Mockingbird was created by the CIA, to weaponize news outlets against the general public. When the Cold War was getting started in the late 1940’s, the CIA implemented a program called Operation Mockingbird. The objective was to purchase control and influence many major media outlets. At first they simply paid established newsmen to slant the reporting in ways suitable to those who would […]

Red October

The Team has begun throwing the “Red October” phrase in front of us. I am convinced it is a relative to “The Storm” which has been alluded to for several months now. The Plan has great potential to destroy, or at least severely disrupt The Deep State which had grown complacent in its ability to mold the world to their sick, self-serving design. Ironically, and beautifully, their tools of powerful electronics and total surveillance fully intended to put us under their thumbs now come to haunt them as Q announces, “We have everything”. That is like the lost e-mails, Uranium One, the Lolita Express, pedophile island, satanist worship, primary rigging, election rigging … and so much more. Guilty, guilty, guilty. […]

most powerful medicine

The article below is a stunning, absolute WOW! It pulls together disparate facts I’ve been reading about, experiencing and even writing a bit about since my first ever letter to the editor, which was against Nixon’s newly announced “War On Drugs” in my late teens. Nathan Kleffman created and published an investigative look at the toxic spiderweb poisoning our world. This deserves serious attention and comprehension. Most of you will be AMAZED. Please check any his links to supporting evidence of facts you may find surprising or that may stretch your credibility. It is SOLID stuff… not to mention important to all of us. As he documents here, The War On Drugs has done just about anything BUT what you […]