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NDAA, exec. orders

The 6th Amendment in the Bill of Rights is gone.

People are scooped up off American streets, businesses or like any good fascist country, out of their homes, particularly in the middle of the night. They are detained in local mental hospitals, jails, prisons and often secretly transported to secret USA prisons in ohter countries. I only wish I were making this up. Mainstream media mentions none of it. On the Internet you hear and read some of it.

How many of us remember that right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury?


The right to be confronted with the witnesses against him?


They just make stuff up – or not. When you wake up with 10 full-auto rifle muzzles pointing at you, your questions come out like pleas, and have ZERO effect.

The right of counsel for his defense?


Heck, nobody but the feds even know where you are or who scooped you up. You are GONE. Your rights are GONE. Your country is GONE. Liberty is GONE.

Oh. Unless a whole bunch of you decide to take it back.

Are brains and backbone gone too?

We’ll see.