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MAP 21

I’m sure you know of Agenda 21, the United Nations plan for one world government. A crucial piece of that, as you can imagine, is a disarmed populace. They are working on that from many directions. Their sensationalist misleading media hasn’t convinced the USA majority that being disarmed is a good thing. Direct disarmament bills have failed in Congress. But they will not quit. Map 21 (note the name similarity) is the plan to pick one group and disarm them.

This also clearly shows one reason the IRS has been heavily armed in the last year. The IRS now has SWAT teams, automatic rifles, combat vests, black Suburbans, etcetera. I thought local law enforcement and the courts were involved in sorting out contests between taxpayers and the tax men… NOT SWAT team assaults on sleeping families… or for that matter as this article points out, disarmament or murder of anyone who contests their authority.

Map 21 in Congress today