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Gun Ban treaty 7/27

Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton intend to ban guns via the back-door method of using the United Nations treaty to “control small arms sales” worldwide. They have set the day for signing it: July 27, 2012.

See the video here.

All of the dictators, communist and fascist governments of the world LOVE gun control. This treaty does not in any way hamper GOVERNMENT purchases of weapons, only those who would resist oppressive governments. The capacity to resist fascist government is, after all, the reason our Constitution insures our right to keep and bear arms. Bad for the oppressors = good for liberty.

The federal government, by the way, cannot give away rights it does not have. The state governments cannot give away what it does not have.

YOU have the right to keep and bear arms. At no point in our country’s history, did we give that to government. They did not control it at any point in our history, and they do not control it now.

A Constitutional Sheriff will stand up for your right to gun ownership and use. You, of course, might have to stand behind your sheriff, but it is important that we know it is our lawful right to do so .. and exactly who the OUTLAWS are.