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Chinese missile attack on Long Beach recreationalists

A Chinese attack missile guided and controlled by a drone flying over international airspace off California’s Pacific coast dropped internationally-banned cluster munitions over people out enjoying a day at the beach.

Four children were killed outright with well over 100 beach-goers wounded.

This did not happen as written above.

It was a USofA war weapon, under USofA military control that exploded on a Russian recreational beach of Sevastopol on the Black Sea. The fact changes do not make the incident any better in my mind.

In the video below two analysts discuss this cluster missile attack and a multitude of implications thereabouts.

Five ATACMS were launched from Ukraine at Russia. Four were destroyed mid-air while by appearances, one was damaged, scattering its globally-banned cluster munitions warhead over a recreational beach in Sevastopol. Four children were killed outright while well over 100 beach goers were injured.

Setup and launch of ATACMS is done by NATO technicians and officers. Targeting and control uses similar personnel plus a US-Air Force Reaper drone that has been actively involved from its semi-permanent location over the Black Sea.

This is quite obviously a direct attack by USofA military and NATO upon Russia. Killing civilians is also quite obviously a line that should not be crossed.

Russia summoned the USofA ambassador and said this attack will not go unanswered… and indeed the answer came a day later when a Russian fighter aircraft took the Black Sea drone down out of the sky.

Next up?

Perhaps another targeting and surveillance drone, perhaps USofA manned aircraft doing that job. The answer to that could be very explosive.

Even more certain, according to Alexander Mercouris, will be very much higher tech weapons being given to enemies openly attacking USofA targets. This is what the USofA has been doing world wide for decades… that is, arming enemies of other sovereign nations in proxy wars. That program seems likely to come home to roost. It will likely include Houtis attacking Red Sea shipping and could conceivably include more sophisticated weaponry for the CIA-run Mexican drug and human trafficking organizations.

In Russia incredible numbers of Russian men are lining up at army recruiting locations eager to meet and kill “American” soldiers in Ukrainian conflicts. This, it would seem, is a grave miscalculation of result for State Department actions … unless massively escalated war and dead NATO troops are the objectives.

In the video, two men who understand the situation very well explain it thoroughly.