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We Are One Mistake Away from a Nuclear War

Scott Ritter has the knowledge, the experience and the wisdom to explain where the world sits today … including the crucial HOW and WHY of all that.

In this video, he demonstrates this mastery.

Our best hope is for more of us to know these things.

As you have read and seen on these pages numerous times over the years, ( the beings who control the USofA government Want their world war, along with destruction of man and nature.

They are shockingly close all while keeping those who trust them far off the scent of who is causing all this. While those poor trusting souls are a shrinking minority, share this to further reduce the pool trusting this cluster of sociopaths.

Very much related is this second video I share here.

Lt. Col. Davis is another knowledgeable voice of reason pleading for sanity in the swamp. Like Scott Ritter, Daniel Davis applies extensive wealth of knowledge from high levels inside “the belly of the beast” to helping the rest of us understand the perverse machinations the swamp creatures are up to.

While there isn’t a lot of hope for resurgence of reason, the arguments in favor are compelling.

Quite interesting outside of the overt war theater are the economic developments streaming away from the USofA-Centric model that seemed like forever.

It is almost gone!

In a blink!

Watch these videos to understand why and how.