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NATO insists on having nuclear war

In what appears to be incredible stupidity, the globalists war machine has pushed Russia into a corner and keeps pummeling their adversary. The Russian bear has been holding back through decades of abuse, but may be finally pushed too far.

I have been watching closely and publishing some on the Ukraine situation for several years now.

The famously most overtly corrupt nation in Europe was taken over by the USofA State Department and CIA a decade ago … and as incredible as it may seem, made worse. Now that the “Special Military Operation” is nearing completion of stopping this rogue European pimple from killing Russian people, Arenachrome producing, slave trading, money laundering, and bioweapon manufacturing, NATO wants to explode the waning conflict into a global nuclear war.

While this may seem crazy or ignorant, the perpetrators are evil incarnate which better explains the moves they are making to visit destructive nuclear weapon exchanges on Earth.

They recently sent missiles from their Ukrainian puppet deep into Russia to destroy two of the ten radar systems that have one single purpose: to warn of incoming nuclear strikes. On top of that, several NATO countries have pledged to send nuclear-capable F16 fighter planes to join the war against Russia.

Nearly everyone knows that those planes come with NATO ground crews and pilots… said another way, United States Air Force as well as several other NATO air forces are now entering an as yet formally undeclared war against Russia. This is on top of the NATO ground troops already embroiled in the war… a war that Russia is on track to win… regardless of NATO’s involvement.

Russian official response was to produce a map of all NATO military bases within range of their hyper-sonic nuclear missiles that NATO has no defense against.

What do you suppose will be the USofA military response to the decisive, violent removal of NATO threats?

How will China, Russia, Iran and other major powers react to that?