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NATO’s imminent demise

Every empire has a beginning, a middle and an end. We are close enough that most of us will witness the end of NATO and its relative the USofA global hegemony. I have touched on it many times here at The Bitterroot Bugle, but in the Eewe Toob video below, Dmitry Orlov really lays it out.

Everything he covers is totally consistent with my various trustworthy information sources. Better still, he lays out a stark, but very real future for conflicts that are currently being lied about by our CIA News Network. I am particularly fond of the little details of deception he lays bare throughout this interview.

Some key notes I made during my viewing were the changing of the Russian Defense Minister to a strong economist who can help Russia balance in a sustainable way for a future with plenty of war facing them. Competent economists have a foundation in the question facing countries of what they call “Guns or Butter“. That is the balance of food and sustenance for the people and military spending to defend them. Neither NATO nor the USofA driving it make any attempt to strike a balance. Both have been totally dependent on printing more and more money until the imminent end slaps them into the dustbin of history.

One bomb Dmitry drops is that Russia is developing military superiority on the Ukranian battlefield. To continue this process requires that the battle not end.

Holey Smokes! I have been watching the Ukrainian operation hoping, wishing, praying that the slaughter of young men would end. Orlov is right. It won’t end until Ukraine itself ends. The boys have to die.

I suppose I have suspected it for years, but he also says that Israel is done for. Its time of usefulness is over. It will soon cease to exist. Many analysts I have been watching are saying the same thing, but this one, his reasoning and evidence are compelling. Anyone ignoring those points is probably going to be proven wrong.

Lamestream media believers are going to be shocked by what will seem like sudden turns of events… but will actually be a mere continuation of the current trajectories. Unfortunately, THE ONLY WAY I can imagine their media and politicians surviving being completely wrong with all their predictions is for a distraction greater than the the complete, total loss of both Israel and Ukraine that they repeatedly told us would not be lost. Greater distractions are not hard to imagine, but they will be tough to survive.

As much as I dislike Eewe Toob’s spyware installations, censorship, and user tracking, I don’t know of another way at this time to share this important video with you. Be aware that this is likely to be disappeared by that platform as not supportive of their narrative.

You might do what I do and download it to your own computer before watching. That is my form of rinsing the pesticides off their videos… and storing them for future reference rather than later wishing you could find something they washed out of public access.