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Morning metaphor: society as an electronic circuit

I have a passing knowledge of electronic circuits, assembly and the schematic used to represent their inner workings. The resistor and use of the symbol for it have long attracted me and been used to represent my innate resistance for authority, power wielders, bullies, dictators and such.

The patch to the right is one I have worn on various clothing and accessory items as a conversation starter as well as personal statement to ‘those who know’. It is, in the schematic world, a depiction of a resistor – that component which resists the flow of electricity.

I have used it with the thought that enough resistors can restrict, dilute and eventually destroy the power and control of destructive authority. A bit of that “united we stand, divided we fall” mentality.

However, this morning I realized that in my circuit metaphor what electronics calls an “open”, that is a break, a full disconnect in the circuit does a complete job of emasculating power. Cut the wires and the energy stops moving. While a little bit gets through a resistor, a total break in the flow of juice is better still.

My metaphor breaks down a little here as an active resistor in our world is more useful in deterring power than a non-participant is.

Carrying on with my circuit metaphor, they all have some source of power built into them. It might be transformer outputs, batteries or wires to an undefined power source, presumably a distant power plant. Here that is Big Brother, the Illuminati, Masons, The Bilderberg Group, globalists, banksters or any other of evil’s octopus tentacles bent on destroying humans and nature.

We all consciously or unconsciously choose to play various roles in the scheme; the schematic… actively or passively, we are part of it. In addition to the resistors or complete breaks in the transmission of power that I mention above are those aiding and abetting the destructive powers.

In our electronic circuits, these are the wires, or continuous paths of copper, silver or other conductive materials through which the active electrons, or power flows. In our society, these are the handmaidens of humanity’s destruction by The Evil Ones. An obvious example is the massive army of nameless, faceless, thoughtless employees executing their little bits in implementation of regulations that are crushing humanity. Others are less obvious, but important to the distribution of power over us all. Those include alphabet-group activists, government school teachers, supporters of statist politics and the sea of ignorant believers that there must be some good in this system overshadowing our lives.

In our electronic circuits, capacitors are much like rechargeable batteries. They absorb trickles of electrical power in the presence of abundance and give it back to the circuit whenever a deficit of power is present. In my metaphor those are the law enforcers, politicians, media presstitutes … much more destructive of liberty and humanity, but it takes all of them to complete the job. Their strength comes from THE STATE, and its power comes from the vast sea of Praetorian guards ‘just doing their jobs’.

Unless or until the great, overpowering population of good people resist, or break the circuit.