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considering EMP possibilities

I have discussed this topic here before. If you want to know more, check out some of my prior posts and links on the subject here: electro magnetic pulse articles

At the most basic, and significant levels, our electrical grid and household power are gone in a blink. They will not return in the foreseeable future. That is a given. What happens next and how we prepare for it has filled many books. That is not today’s topic here.

While we touched on the above, I was explaining yesterday to a neighbor how he could set up NOW to recover the use of his vehicle after an EMP disabled it. That refreshed in my mind the things I, too, should be doing to restore functioning to numerous valuable tools we take for granted on a regular basis.

First: our transporters.

Our 1982 Mercedes 240D is 100% simple, old-school mechanical in every way. Its 4-cylinder industrial-grade diesel engine has zero electronics. Once the old-tech starter motor has spun the engine to life, mechanical systems take over, and it will run nearly forever without further ado.

Missy’s 1978 Honda XL75 is similarly immune. Its kick-starter is rather obviously impervious to electronic assaults. Old-school contact-breaker-points ignition and magneto are fundamental, relatively crude wire-based tech that is less sensitive, but still vulnerable to massive EMPs under certain ‘unlucky’ circumstances. True conservative preparation would dictate buying replacement electronic parts to be stored in a Faraday Cage – a slightly modified metal cookie tin could rather easily be made suitable.

That segues into our more modern vehicles. The same principles and preparatory programs apply, but the complexity and cost both increase. In my case, I have to employ people who I completely trust to understand the electronic engine and driveline management systems to help set us up with the components that would need to be replaced so our machines could come back to life. A reasonably small vehicle-specific emergency Faraday Cage could ride in Missy’s touring van while others may sit on my shop shelves for our other vulnerable power plants.

That brings us to other power plants that use electronic engine management – those being all modern gasoline, diesel and propane generators along with other similar tools. If you want to count on them in a post-EMP world, make arrangements now to restore their functionality, or enclose them in their own Faraday Cages before the hit takes place.

Of course the value of our transporters and all infernal-combustion tools depends on fuel supplies. Gasoline was deliberately re-engineered to have a short shelf life. Even with stabilizers added, a year is the most we can expect … and even that would be A LOT of stored fuel. Keep all that in mind as you invest in what could be a short-term solution to a post EMP world.

Many nations have the ability to launch EMP strikes from the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf of Mexico that could return the USofA to a very basic culture. The CIA and other swamp creatures have spent most of the last century motivating them to hate us and our nation – in other words, an EMP is a strong possibility… I would bet on EMP preps being more valuable in the future than a 401K.