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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, May 19, 2024

We are now 1 month away from this annual, international event that is now 12 years old … and growing bigger every year so far.

This is primarily about a group of enthusiasts getting together and stylin’ through the city on bikes.

It is also a fund-raiser for men’s health issues. Though not as much fun to talk about as breasts, testicular cancer and suicides kill more people every year. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has donated $45 million towards programs working to reduce those negative impacts.

I am pleased to see that my closest ‘big city’ now has one being organized. My wife and I are seriously considering trailering our classics 1.5 hours each way to participate.

Hmmmm: It just occurred to me that I might try to set up “a test ride” for one of the new classic-styled bikes on that day.

For more information:
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

To sponsor my ride, add motivation and purpose to our participation, while making a donation to men’s health issues:

This event, by the way, could be worth checking out, grabbing a photo or a few, and perhaps taking a video clip of the ‘distinguished gentlemen’ styling by on their bikes.

I will let you know the time and projected route before May 19th.