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this eclipse could be special

Most of us shrug and go on about out business when someone mentions the upcoming total eclipse of the sun across our country. Why is this one a BIG DEAL?

Some governors in the path are mobilizing their national guards, including hazmat teams.

Federal and state emergency management teams are issuing warnings to have plenty of food and water on hand for an eclipse???

Wired magazine published a list of special event stories:
The Solar Eclipse Is the Super Bowl for Conspiracists

Eclipse watching this week is a very real big deal. Motels, B&Bs, relatives, friends couches … people are massing under the total eclipse path. Some say that is a threat all of its own. I figure there is nothing spectacularly unique about that.

There are some mapping the most recent one over the top of this one, making something of the two paths, the X they make or some other. Meh.

The big deal to me is the federal and state agencies making a big deal about the eclipse

These bad actors have bad habits of planning false flags disasters around smokescreen events and preparing their troops to take advantage of those situations.

“It sure was handy we had the nuclear response team already there”.

For me this is one more time where being away from big cities and crowds seems like a really good idea… along with having a decent supply of food and water.

Meanwhile, it might make interesting viewing
or for some unique photo opportunities…
wherever you are.

Or some interesting news.

In case you want to go hunting: