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biker chick

This afternoon I was coming down home stretch in the LEO Tupperware reassembly (numerous interlocking plastic panels on Leo – my 2nd-hand ex-police patrol bike) after finally restoring the low beams.

I was eagerly anticipating putting some miles on the highway eater when Missy said, “Nice day for a ride” …
exactly what I was thinking…
until she went on to say, “I mean ME taking a ride … on Piglet”.
(Her died-in-the-wool HOGs-Forever brother restored and gave her this diminutive 1978 Honda XL75 that kind-of named itself)

The recently licensed grandma on this vintage classic itty-bitty 6-horsepower, 175-pound, 4-speed, kick-start-only bike is completely incompatible with me on Leo.

Yet she obviously wanted me to accompany her – also obviously on Dr Zee (my Suzuki DRZ400) cuz he can putt along back roads at her pace… which for her first ride of the year kept Dr Zee following behind almost entirely in first or second gear.

Leo cannot comfortably go that slow.

It was a good outing. I’m glad we went.

I got Leo ready to roll after we got home, but too late for a nice ride in deer and elk country. If not tomorrow, someday soon the mountain curves beckon.