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neighborhood ride snapshot vs photograph

It was another lovely spring day in The Bitterroot. We got the dogs walked – which is a most exciting treat for them, and not a bad thing for us. We also got to ride our motorcycles. I took my camera along as I always regret when I fail to do so. But my eyes did not see any photos worth taking. Until at a rest stop, Missy mentioned the lovely mountain view. *BAM* I knew immediately she was right, and subsequently came up with a snapshot that included the mountain, along with the bikes and a rider that put kind-of a time stamp on the photo, remembering the reason we got to that view on this day. That was […]

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, May 19, 2024

We are now 1 month away from this annual, international event that is now 12 years old … and growing bigger every year so far. This is primarily about a group of enthusiasts getting together and stylin’ through the city on bikes. It is also a fund-raiser for men’s health issues. Though not as much fun to talk about as breasts, testicular cancer and suicides kill more people every year. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has donated $45 million towards programs working to reduce those negative impacts. I am pleased to see that my closest ‘big city’ now has one being organized. My wife and I are seriously considering trailering our classics 1.5 hours each way to participate. Hmmmm: It […]

this eclipse could be special

Most of us shrug and go on about out business when someone mentions the upcoming total eclipse of the sun across our country. Why is this one a BIG DEAL? Some governors in the path are mobilizing their national guards, including hazmat teams. Federal and state emergency management teams are issuing warnings to have plenty of food and water on hand for an eclipse??? Wired magazine published a list of special event stories: The Solar Eclipse Is the Super Bowl for Conspiracists Eclipse watching this week is a very real big deal. Motels, B&Bs, relatives, friends couches … people are massing under the total eclipse path. Some say that is a threat all of its own. I figure there […]

I almost took two photographs today

This was supposed to be a quick trip to Skalkaho Falls for a photo devoid of other tourist vehicles and people. I forgot something. The last 6 miles of road to the falls is closed through winter. On the way back in a light drizzle, I was hustling along to get garaged before it turned to rain or snow when I noticed and braked for a herd of sheep. Some of them backed up onto the shoulder while most of them went slightly up the hill from the road as I rode my bike slowly by. I wanted a photo, but that requires I park the bike, turn it off, take the key to unlock the trunk, remove camera […]

biker chick

This afternoon I was coming down home stretch in the LEO Tupperware reassembly (numerous interlocking plastic panels on Leo – my 2nd-hand ex-police patrol bike) after finally restoring the low beams. I was eagerly anticipating putting some miles on the highway eater when Missy said, “Nice day for a ride” … exactly what I was thinking… until she went on to say, “I mean ME taking a ride … on Piglet”. (Her died-in-the-wool HOGs-Forever brother restored and gave her this diminutive 1978 Honda XL75 that kind-of named itself) The recently licensed grandma on this vintage classic itty-bitty 6-horsepower, 175-pound, 4-speed, kick-start-only bike is completely incompatible with me on Leo. Yet she obviously wanted me to accompany her – also […]