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I made a meme this morning. I actually dislike the word “meme”, but today darn-near everyone knows what that is, overriding my Luddite dictionary.

The directions from Goebbels in this quotation has become the industry standard for politicians, media, military and everyone else who has slimed their way into positions of power and/or influence.

Almost nothing they present to us is true.

That comes to no surprise, but it does get frustrating when I run across people with a tenacious grip on the unreality being hawked by the usual suspects. I am way beyond delivering facts to them refuting their treasured lies. I am most often their first or second hearing of truth when it takes at least three penetrating their artfully developed shell before any consideration of alternatives can happen… and the shells are strong in lazy thinkers.

The Top Ten current lies that annoy me the most:

At the top is this big one: 9 – 11 – 2001 So much of our current environment came as a result of the intricately planned demolition and other activities that took place that day. References to the event AS THEY WANT US TO REMEMBER IT continue to pop up in current psy-ops.

Another big one is the Sandy Hook theater. Worse than a false flag, this is an event that simply did not happen ANYTHING like what was presented by lamestream. An elementary school that was no longer in use was chosen for a school shooting DRILL. I could go on, but check the link. It still comes up as if it was a real event. A kangaroo court ordered Alex Jones to pay a $965 million in damages to the families associated with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting because he told the truth about it. Those same families all coincidentally had their mortgages paid off December 31st of the year of the theater. If I had his public following, I would be right behind him. in a court carefully selected to destroy me despite the truth.

Brighteon’s viewer warning is bogus.
This is scary only if theater is scary.

Ashli Babbitt – I can really get spun up over this one and it keeps coming back like puke trapped in your throat.

Watch either or both of these videos.

There is NO GOOD REASON for this psy-op to be allowed traction.

Very similar to the Ashli Babbitt character is the George Floyd one. Sadly, this was all widely exposed as cheap green-screen theater before I had my video saving and republishing skillset down. The departure from real world was rampant throughout what lamestream showed us. Camera angles did a lot of the work. The dummy on the ground was an upper body only mannequin. Multiple takes of what was supposed to be different angles had changes in props and actor positions. There was a lot of production failures but the demented-class workers used it for pushing their agenda … and still do.

I cannot leave out The VAXX. That history is still being written with MONSTEROUS IMPLICATIONS that are becoming increasingly more widely understood. The link there takes you to a selection of videos I did save and republish at my Brighteon channel.

Along with its partner The Mask. Just about as debunked as the vaxx, this one has been mostly crushed, but I still see believers popping up from time to time … and expect a resurgence when the masses forget these lessons… primarily because the reasons for masking the sheep will not be widely known.

Global Warming: The Carbon Cycle is simply not understood. Weather is not understood. That those-who-would-rule-the-world control the weather is not widely known. So many policies, rules and actions are based on this entire mythology that everywhere I turn ignorance guides majority actions.

The 2020 presidential election show installed the fraud in chief. Almost four years ago, ANYBODY who was paying attention knows that both popular and electoral votes gave Trump a second term IN A LANDSLIDE VICTORY. The Dementia Dude couldn’t even fill a phone booth with his fans while Trump filled stadiums wherever he went. Pedo Joe was INSTALLED to make malfeasance and destruction appear to be incompetence. Now that they have accomplished or set in motion nearly all they set out to do, they are probably going to put The Messiah back in for an otherwise illegal third term – unless you believe he is not POTUS still today.

The Russian “Special Operation in Ukraine” is a fog of lies. Started by the USofA State Department and CIA in 2014, their plan to destroy Russia and depose Putin has been a colossal failure to reach their stated goals. Were they, are they THAT incompetent? They laundered tons of money, spread NATO munitions globally via black market, killed hundreds of thousands of useless eaters, had nearly a decade of unlimited, unsupervised bioweapon and cloning lab operations and seem well on their way for using it to trigger the global nuclear war they have been working towards for half a century or more.

I could go on, but am anxious to get outdoors this pleasant afternoon accomplishing some rewarding physical stuff in the real world. Number 10 on today’s list is the future collapse of our economy, infrastructure, agriculture and society.

Be that guy

All gloriously and handsomely assembled into the pack of lies I only touched on above.

We are well on our way to their dreamed of, and published Agenda 21 objectives to reduce Earth’s human population to 500,000,000 (snuffing 97% here today) and have all of those imprisoned in 15-minute cities…
so thoroughly dumbed-down
that they love their chains.