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Ukraine conflict has global potential

USofA State Department and CIA took over Ukrainian government in a 2014 engineered coup. The meanest, nastiest, infinitely greedy power brokers in the world took control using Ukraine to feed their insatiable appetites for children, adrenachrome and, of course, money. Now they appear to be eagerly setting up to start nuclear world war there or around Palestine, or both.

You can see quite a few posts with supportive links that I published here regarding the Ukrainian snake pit and a long string of provocations trying to destroy Russian leadership and even the country of Russia. Rather than back off when their actions will clearly lead to World War, the psychopathic DC swamp doubles down … triples … quadruples … etcetera. Nothing short of the complete destruction of life on our planet seems to satisfy them.

They are not like you.

And, in fact, do not like you either.

Or the horse you rode in on.

Heck, judging from their actions, they don’t even like any of the plants, animals, insects or other organisms inhabiting the surface of Earth. One might guess their loyalties are to and from somewhere we do not even know about.

The bad news is, I think they are bringing their war against our world to a head this year. The good news is I think there is a fair chance they don’t have their destruction plans where they want them. Events have gotten ahead of their control and just might serve us better than them. Either way, this is going to get interesting.

Putin recently announced a change from the “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine to WAR! He does not chose his words lightly.

In addition to this post on the subject, I will do more. Odds on you remaining unaffected by the war the USofA State Department and alphabet agencies provoked are slim to none. Nobody in this country will be unaffected.

I return to the hazardous core heating up in Ukraine.

U.S. weapons stockpiles depleted by Ukraine war

Putin Bombs Cloning Lab in Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday ordered a cruise missile strike against a Deep State cloning facility in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

The strike was conducted by the Admiral Grigorovich, a Russian warship of the Black Sea Fleet, which unleashed a wave of Novator Kalibr missiles that hammered the laboratory, killed the occupants, and unalived clones of U.S. and Russian politicians that were growing in maturation cylinders.

According to Zakharov, the lab held multiple clones of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Marjory Taylor Greene, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Federal Assembly Chairman Volodin Vyacheslav Victorovich, and Jim Jordan, among other less notable anti-Deep State advocates. Zakharov guessed that “programmed” clones were meant to replace the actual persons after foul play came to them.

Ukrainian trial demonstrates 2014 Maidan massacre was false flag

Russia Warns If NATO Bases Used For Ukrainian Jets They Could Be Targeted

Ukraine Bombs Belgorod, Russia – Missile Strike Kills 20, 100+ Injured – Putin Calls for Emergency Meeting

Russia launches fresh drone strikes on Ukraine after promising retaliation for Belgorod attack

SHOCKER: $40 Million Earmarked for Military Ammunition Stolen by Corrupt Ukraine Officials

NY Times: CIA Built 12 Secret Spy Bases in Ukraine Waging Shadow War Against Russia Since 2014 – John Brennan Caught in the Middle of It