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looming economic collapse

“They” have driven this world to the brink via so many vehicles and routes unraveling and/or understanding it is akin to blizzard driving down a winter road. I’m considering a series of which this one is merely a start. Saved interesting, relevant links I have in abundance. Cleanout and reposting time has arrived.

Today I share numerous indicators of imminent economic collapse. When the rats who brought this to us are clearly seen leaving the sinking ship, it might be time to locate your life preservers and lifeboats.

While I dream and scheme of some Northwestern touring this summer, at least half of me will be surprised if this house of cards holds together long enough for me to enjoy any of those trips.

I try to keep one foot in each camp: A) The sky is falling – or B) It hasn’t happened yet.

from The Gateway Pundit:

“I Have Never, Ever Seen This Country in a More Precarious State: Economically, Militarily, Culturally, Socially and Politically”

– Dr. Peter Navarro on The War Room (VIDEO)

I gotta lot a years on this body here, Steve. Ok, I’ve seen everything from the Vietnam War protests and the stagflation in the 70’s, to the stock market crash in ’07. I have never, ever seen this country in a more precarious state: economically, militarily, culturally, socially and politically. And it is the direct result of the steal of that election, and what led up to it, which to say [was] a complete breakdown of all of our core institutions.

Whether it’s the fourth estate [the media], with the spin and crap of the MSNBC’s and CNN’s of this world or the Supreme Court, or the state courts, or the Republican legislatures in the six battleground states which didn’t have the stones and still don’t have the stones to do what needs to be done, in the teeth of a pandemic from Communist China. And the idea that we still won’t hold China accountable, is crazy.

from America First Report:

Walmart Is Falling Apart Before Our Eyes as Multiple Store Closings Begin

A second round of store closings was just announced, and the company is saying that half of its stores in one major U.S. city will be permanently shut down because they are losing tens of millions of dollars every year. Many locations are underperforming right now as shoppers complain about double-digit price increases at Walmart and turn to other retailers for “greater” value. The big-box retail chain is also in a complicated financial condition, missing investors’ earnings expectations and reporting growing cash flow problems. The situation has become so alarming that one industry CEO is warning about a flood of bankruptcies in the sector in 2023 as America’s biggest retailers cope with an increasing amount of distress.

from Daily Mail:

Walmart quietly announces details of 23 store closures across America because of poor sales

Walmart last year closed 23 stores across the US, eight of which were in Illinois, it emerged this week.
Overall, its total number of stores fell by 102, from 4,717 in January 2023 to 4,615 a year later.
That’s because in addition to the 23 closures, Walmart sold a combined 79 Moosejaw and Bonobos locations after selling the two retailers.

from American Partisan:

Biden’s 2025 budget would drive national debt to $45 trillion in 10 years, 106% of GDP

“While hardworking Americans struggle with crushing inflation and mounting national debt, the President would increase their pain to spend trillions of additional taxpayer dollars to advance his left-wing agenda,” they added.

from Daily Mail:

Do they know something we don’t? American titans Jeff Bezos, Leon Black, Mark Zuckerberg, Jamie Dimon and Walmart’s Walton family sell a staggering $11 BILLION in stock – as billionaires cash out before looming election

American billionaires are selling stocks by the boatload – sparking fears of an impending financial disaster.
Jeff Bezos – the third-richest man behind Louis Vuitton’s Bernard Arnaut and Elon Musk – unloaded $8.5billion in Amazon shares this month alone.
Mark Zuckerberg – the fourth-richest – sold about 1.4 million Meta shares worth roughly $638million.
Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan, shilled $150 million this past week, in his first cash-out since taking the reins at the bank nearly two decades ago.
Within days, Apollo Global Management’s Leon Black also enacted his first-ever sale, shedding $172.8million in his equity firm after 34 years. Walmart’s Walton family sold $1.5billion in a week, bringing its total sale proceeds to $2.3billion since December.