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$10,000 welcome to New York

Ten grand comes up two ways in the New York City news. One is that their brainless mayor intends to gift every illegal alien that amount just for landing in “his city”.

Does that mean if I arrive in the city and break a law I get a $10,000 gift card? As I was developing my plans for a money-making trip my wife suggested a speeding violation in New York is more likely to get me the ‘January 6th treatment’ than the lump sum cash I was hoping for.

Wrong skin tone, wrong place of birth, wrong native language, incorrect selection of law to violate. Darn!

At least I don’t have the wrong name. New York state’s gubernor is now assuring potential investors that their money is safe in New York as long as their name is not “Donald Trump”… that mistake apparently costs $355,000,000.

The rest of youse guys will be fine. We promise.

While online researching for articles on this ten thou NYC gift I tripped over another thing in that price range there: renting an apartment. Check out this NYTimes article:

Boxes, Tape, $10,000:
What It Takes to Move Into an N.Y.C. Apartment

Upfront costs for renters — security deposits, broker fees and a month’s rent — are at their highest levels in years, another sign of the city’s housing crisis.

Okay, I don’t actually recommend checking the Times article out, but did provide the link in case you really, really, really wanna.

Then for some good clean fun, here are NYC apartments renting for OVER $10,000 per month. That whole place is planted on a foundation called UNSUSTAINABLE.

It could be almost as much fun watching New Yawk Sitty as it is watching The People’s Republic of California.