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Russia’s “Special Operation” in Ukraine

I wrote this last June, and saved it unpublished since then. Somewhat surprisingly, it is still true… and might as well be published now.

The Russian stated objectives of their “special operation” is a de-militarized Ukraine.

For more than a decade, the Russian leadership has justifiably lobbied against western, USofA, NATO … whatever name they are operating under at the moment … aggression and posturing against Russians and with an apparent willingness to totally destroy the population, country and popular leadership of that country and culture.

Russians announced a decade or two ago that a militarized Ukraine on their border would be a RED LINE that, if crossed, would demand a military response.

One of two theoretical things happened. (1) Western powers (USofA centered, NATO, UN) did not believe the Russians – or – (2) The Globalists were happy to oblige with a world war that suited their long-term objectives perfectly.

In the real world we get a war between NATO’s puppet regime in Ukraine and Russia.

Whether by design or accident NATO is getting its ass handed to it… with a globalist option clearly, definitely on the table of escalation to world-wide nuclear war.

From its outset, Russia wanted first to negotiate a non-threatening, non-militarized Ukrainian neighbor. The USofA/NATO world power declined that invitation. In 2022 Russia initiated a limited military attack to signal the seriousness of their resolve. NATO was unimpressed. The USofA State Department declined negotiation.

Cornered, the Russians undertook creation of a demilitarized Ukraine via military means in February 2023, via force that they call a “special operation”.

How is this done?

To “demilitarize” a region you have to destroy their military capability.

Dang. The Russians seem to be doing exactly THAT.

It is a lot like chess. Strategy is far more important than raw power projection. The Russian military has regularly “invited” Ukrainian military forces into their field of battle only to destroy men and equipment in the resultant confrontation. The Russians show just enough “weakness” to encourage repeated assaults from the other side.

The result is completely counter to normal battle statistics. The Russian “attackers” are losing a fraction of the machines and personnel as the Ukranian “defenders” are. Where war college numbers dictate an attacker-to-defender force requirement of 8 to 1, the current stats run something like 10 Ukrainian men and equipment losses to every one Russian. Said another way, the Russian stated goals of a de-militarized Ukraine are on schedule.

Not trying to win territory. Not trying to destroy the existing NATO puppet government. Not preparing for multi-country takeovers. Simply destroying all of Ukraine’s military capability… regardless of how many weapon systems and NATO troops are sent against them.

From all I see, Russia is gaining prowess, capability and military capacity while NATO is living up to its woke abilities… the tranny, gay, limp-wristed modern military mush that is so in vogue today. NATO is sending its state-of-the-art military gear into a losing battle where the Russians are learning how to defeat everything in the current NATO arsenal.

If the globalists decide to escalate, Russia and China have negotiated a coordinated response that, coupled with the recent emasculation of our Army, Air Force and Navy personnel will end the USofA global force hegemony.

This cannot be accidental.


Kiev lost a thousand troops and dozens of tanks in one day – Moscow

Ukrainian forces have lost up to 1,240 troops and 39 tanks during one 24-hour period, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported in its latest daily update on Friday.

The Ministry added that 30 infantry fighting vehicles, 38 armored vehicles, as well as a dozen pieces of artillery and other military hardware, some of it provided by Kiev’s Western sponsors, were also destroyed.

Russian and Western media have concluded that Ukraine has launched a long-expected counteroffensive against Russia this week, trying to capitalize on the trove of weapons supplied by the US and its allies. Ukrainian officials have, nonetheless, offered conflicting reports on whether the operation has started.