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Big Pharma Is Fooling You Again

I am republishing below a Rumble platform video presented by Tucker Carlson where he interviews Calley Means exposing nasty truths about USofA’s biggest health problem, number one most expensive set of government programs … and a plethora of lies most people are believing about wellness, sickness and the gap between them – to their tremendous detriment.

With all the financial and bureaucratic incentives stacked against the medical establishment working towards healthy customers, it is completely unsurprising that we live in the sickest society possible … and are heading downhill from there.

They begin the conversation talking about this nation’s ‘obesity epidemic’, it’s cause, the correct answer and Big Pharma’s planned, scheduled, horrible, but highly profitable response that will likely be implemented via nefarious means.

The primary medical intervention, as described in detail through this video, is an uber-expensive stomach-destroying drug, that must be taken forever and the really bad actors on track to make tremendous profit delivering without curing anything. One cannot listen without cringing, even if you are not on a trajectory to be a participant, you certainly know people who are or will soon be.

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I employed a technique new to Bitterroot Bugle of including a link in Doctor Casey Means’ book image to the right here. Clicking on the book image will take you to the Casey Means, MD website.

Note: this book has a projected release date of May 14, 2024 … you might as well order a pre-release copy from the author (Calley’s sister) via her webpage (cutting out Jeff Bozo or some other middle-man).

Alternatively, this link will take you to the Harper Collins publisher page on the book:

Good Energy, By Casey Means M.D.

A new groundbreaking health book for everyone. Fix your metabolism to feel better today and prevent disease tomorrow.

A bold new vision for optimizing our health now and for the future

What if depression, anxiety, infertility, insomnia, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer and many other health conditions actually have the same root cause?

Our ability to prevent and reverse these conditions – and feel incredible today – is under our control and simpler than we think. The key is our metabolic function – the most important and least understood factor in our overall health. As Dr. Casey Means explains in this groundbreaking book, nearly every health problem we face can be explained by how well the cells in our body create and use energy. To live free from frustrating symptoms and life-threatening disease, we need our cells to be optimally powered so that they can create ‘good energy’, the essential fuel that impacts every aspect of our physical and mental wellbeing.

During his interview with Tucker Carlson on the Rumble platform, Calley Means mentions TRUEMED. There are numerous sites using that name, but his is here:

The largest killers of Americans are directly tied to food and other lifestyle factors as the root cause.

Right now, our medical and food systems subsidize unhealthy food and sick-care. We’ll be healthier if we can incentivize better diet and lifestyle before people are sick.

To address the chronic conditions that more than 90% of Americans face or are at risk for, we need to start viewing food, exercise, sleep, and other healthy practices as forms of medicine. This approach is essential because conventional drugs and medical treatments often fail to provide a cure for these conditions.

There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show exercise and healthy food helps reverse and prevent virtually every chronic condition – ranging from diabetes to infertility, from depression to obesity. Often, the food and dietary interventions are better than leading pharmaceuticals or medical procedures.

Doctors can prescribe food and exercise to prevent disease, and we believe more should. That’s why we started Truemed.

They allude to, without mentioning the elephant in the room regarding explosive growth in the “healthcare industry” costs.

Advertising and “provider incentives” (bribes) to prescription writers and fillers are not where the lion’s-share of the growth is taking place . . . Lookee here —>
Non-doctors and non-pharmacists are where the real money is going.

Once again, the slimy hands of politicians and their owners are smeared all over this massive destruction of free market principles.

We are left to find our own ways out of this medical morass.

It can be done … just not with average thinking … or trusting.


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