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famine plan

They want us starving (97% to death), with the remainder dependent, obedient, confused, unthinking slaves. Once again, I am sharing my Internet link collection on the heading subject.

As I outlined in my February 3rd snapshot of 2024 article and video, the assault on humanity, nature and Earth is multi-faceted… really hard for humans to believe, but it is very real and I will spend the next weeks trying to break it down into bite sized pieces, supporting each one individually with links to other credible sources.

At the top of my list is an article in both text and video form itemizing 100 food production facilities that have COINCIDENTALLY been destroyed in the last three years. You probably have heard or read about SOME of them, but an itemized list of 100 should get our attention.

I am reasonably confident that the USAF Directed Energy tools are heavily involved … and continue in my amazement that they can find people smart enough to dress themselves, fly airplanes, and destroy the very planet they and their families occupy. Obviously the first two feats are far less impressive than actually THINKING – about the third.

Link and text from WLTReport:

Map Shows All Food Processing Plants That Have Burned Down, Blown Up or Been Destroyed

I knew there have been a lot of food processing plants and other food supply buildings that have burned down, blown up or otherwise met a catastrophic, untimely end in the last 3 years, but I had no idea just how many until I saw it all together in one place.

I’ve been here to cover each of these, but it’s really jarring when you see it all in one place.

STUNNING: This map shows all the food processing plants that have either caught fire or been destroyed…

They are trying to destroy our food supply!

If you’re not the video type, then see it in print below…

Here’s a complied list of nearly 100 fires from 2021 and 2022 from Rumble:

Link and text from Epoch TV:

No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?

Food prices are skyrocketing in grocery stores around the world, and some world leaders say it’s due to climate change. Their solution is Agenda 21, the United Nation’s 100-year long master plan for humanity and the 21st century, which is broken down into shorter 15-year plans. The current plan is Agenda 2030, which aims at “transforming our world for sustainable development” according to the UN.

Agenda 2030 is now being implemented across the world. In America, it is implemented as the Biden administration’s 30×30 agenda, a plan to take 30 percent of America’s land completely out of production by the year 2030, resulting in small farmers and ranchers being forced off their lands. In other countries like The Netherlands, Dutch farmers are forced to shut down due to the government’s “green policies” that limit nitrogen emissions. In Sri Lanka, farmers are fighting for their survival because of the government’s ban on synthetic fertilizer.

Link and text from

Millions Of Americans “Prepare For The Apocalypse” As The Global Food Crisis Reaches Unprecedented Levels

Hundreds of millions of people are “facing chronic hunger”, and in the time that it will take you to read this article the death toll from starvation on the other side of the globe will go even higher. But since the legacy media doesn’t really talk about the global food crisis much, most Americans don’t even realize that it is happening.

Many of us are so obsessed with what Taylor Swift and other celebrities are doing, but when is the last time that you had a meaningful conversation with someone about global famine? According to the UN’s World Food Program, “a food crisis of unprecedented proportions” is unfolding right in front of our eyes at this moment…

Conflict, economic shocks, climate extremes and soaring fertilizer prices are combining to create a food crisis of unprecedented proportions. As many as 783 million people are facing chronic hunger.

Link and text from

Rancher Warns Mass Cattle Deaths Are An ‘Inside Job’ Designed To Cause Food Shortages

Experts are now warning that the sudden deaths of thousands of cattle may very well be linked to a diabolical attempt to cause mass food shortages in America, following a recent string of fires at food facilities across the United States.

The deaths of thousands of cattle in Kansas over the weekend were blamed on “heat,” according to the mainstream media.

Cows, on the other hand, are extraordinarily resilient and can often withstand the extreme heat that the Midwest is experiencing right now. So, why are tens of thousands of cattle suddenly dying?

Link and text from

Fire Completely Destroys Pendleton Flour Mills Building in Eastern Oregon

A massive fire devastated a building at Pendleton Flour Mills in Eastern Oregon on Wednesday.

“Officials said that a small fire that started on Tuesday afternoon and reignited early Wednesday morning caused the Pendleton Flour Mills to go up in flames,” The Gateway Pundit reported.

“Yesterday, August 9th at 2:55 p.m., City County Dispatch received a report of black smoke coming from the Pendleton Flour Mills with no visible flames,” said Pendleton Police Chief Chuck Byram.

“The Pendleton Fire Department responded and extinguished the small fire however remained on scene conducting “fire watch.””

“The fire subsequently reignited at approximately 4:00 this morning [Wednesday] at which time it was fully engulfed due to dry grain, as well the wood structure within,” Byram added.

Link and text from

Fires Destroy New Zealand Egg Farm and Canadian Seafood Plant

Here is the data related to food facility fires in this county, as published by the National Fire Protection Association last year:

“There have been approximately 20 fires in U.S. food processing facilities in the first 4 months of 2022, which is not extreme at all and does not signal anything out of the ordinary,” NFPA spokeswoman Susan McKelvey told us. “The recent inquiries around these fires appears to be a case of people suddenly paying attention to them and being surprised about how often they do occur. But NFPA does not see anything out of the ordinary in these numbers.”

The NFPA gets its data from the National Fire Incident Reporting System and its own data sets, neither of which provide numbers specific to food processing plants. But the data does provide annual averages on fires that could be related to those types of facilities, McKelvey said.

For example, she said, the annual averages of fires that have occurred in the U.S. between 2015 and 2019 are as follows:

All manufacturing and processing facilities: 5,308
Agriculture: 961
Grain or livestock storage: 1,155
Refrigerated storage: 35

Link and text from

Massive Fire Mysteriously Occurs At Egg Farm In Connecticut

Bill Gates Invested In Artificial Eggs a Decade Before Egg Shortage

This won’t help the egg shortage.

Several fire crews were called to a massive fire that occurred at an egg farm in Bozrah, Connecticut on Saturday afternoon.

The fire occurred at Hillandale Farms located on Schwartz Road.

At the time of this writing fire crews from Colchester, Salem, Lebanon, and several other towns are all responding to the scene to put out the blaze.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

Since last year the price of eggs have risen over 66% due to the current egg shortage.

The shortage has caused some consumers to turn to artificial eggs.

Link and text from

Egg shortage and inflation strangely timed with revelation that yolks naturally mitigate covid “vaccine” spike proteins

Prior to the sudden shortage of eggs and associated price inflation we are now seeing spread across the country, which they are blaming on “avian flu,” two studies were published to suggest that egg yolks are a cure for covid.
The first study, published in January 2021, is titled: “Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgYs) block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2 spike protein variants to human ACE2.” Part of its abstract reads as follows:

“Our results show that the anti-Spike-S1 IgYs showed significant neutralizing potency against SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus, various spike protein mutants, and even SARS-CoV in vitro. It might be a feasible tool for the prevention and control of ongoing COVID-19.”

The second study, published in November 2022, is called: “Immunoglobulin yolk targeting spike 1, receptor binding domain of spike glycoprotein and nucleocapsid of SARS-CoV-2 blocking RBD-ACE2 binding interaction.” Part of its abstract reads as follows:

“Coronavirus disease (COVID)-19 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection has become a global pandemic disease that has social and economic chaos. An alternative mitigation strategy may involve the use of specific immunoglobulin (Ig)-Y derived from chicken eggs.”

This is an embeded video you can watch right here without leaving Bitterroot Bugle at all.

This is more on the Connecticut egg farm in the prior article, but includes some video and links to other egg facility destructions. Link and text from

Connecticut Egg Farm Fire Kills at Least 100,000 Chickens

John Way, a safety officer for the Bozrah Volunteer Fire Co., said the building that caught fire was large — about 300 to 400 feet long and two stories high — and housed an unknown number of chickens.

Way said Sunday that he could not confirm local media reports citing The Salvation Army that around 100,000 chickens were killed.

No one answered the phone at the farm Sunday. Representatives at Hillandale Farms did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

On its website, Hillandale Farms bills itself as one of the country’s top egg producers, raising over 20 million chickens for eggs. It has corporate offices in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Link and text from

Insane climate change ‘study’ claims that the one staple most of humanity lives on — rice — is somehow destroying the planet

Just when you thought so-called “climate” academics couldn’t come up with a new cause for how humans are supposedly destroying the planet, a new ‘study’ published by climate religion zealots is claiming that the production of rice, which literally feeds most of the planet, is destroying Mother Earth.

“Rice is to blame for around 10 percent of global emissions of methane, a gas that over two decades, traps about 80 times as much heat as carbon dioxide. Scientists say that if the world wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, rice cannot be ignored,” says a tweet containing a video report from Agence France Presse, citing the ‘study.’

Link and text from (Australia)

Remote Northern Territory food prices skyrocket, worries for health of communities

Residents of a remote community in the Northern Territory are paying as much as $74 for a tin of coffee and the price of fresh milk has reached an all-time high of more than $8 for 2 litres.

Medical advocates say prohibitory prices could inflame an already growing diabetes epidemic
Almost everything on the shelves at Wadeye’s Murrinhpatha Nimmipa Store — the only shop within a 400-kilometre radius — is more expensive than a couple of months ago.

Manager Jake Clarke said he hadn’t raised the margin on food items in more than a decade, but in the wake of a straining global supply chain, adverse weather and rising fuel and energy prices, he had no choice.

“We are getting to the point where we are just covering our costs,” he said.

“It’s not because I want to, it’s because I have to.”

Corned beef was selling for $15 and fruit and vegetables, Mr Clarke said, were sold at a loss to ensure healthy food remained affordable.