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reactions to the Putin / Carlson show

For the last several days, the ‘western powers ruling elite’ have been in PANIC MODE over the announcement that Vladimir Putin and Tucker Carlson were scheduling an interview session in Moscow.

“Oh crap!, Vlad has credibility that we can’t match. How do we defend against obvious truths that will expose the decade-long blizzard of lies we have been spewing regarding Ukraine???”

In case you have not yet, but are interested in watching the interview yourself, here is the link to Tucker’s show:

Their first trick was to call Tucker a &^%$#@ traitor who would be arrested, imprisoned, not allowed back in the USofA and other Assange/Snowden/Manning/Seth Rich style silencing and/or disappearing tricks.

Almost immediately, Putin/journalist memes popped up all over the Internet.

Oops! They are onto us. Scratch that plan.

They were cornered into employing their dusty, trusty old character assassination program: “Putin is a bad guy”.

“He was a high level KGB officer.” Pretend for a moment that none of us are joined at the hip to the far more destructive CIA, NSA, USofA State Department, and military-industrial-complex … along with an evil cesspool of alphabet agencies empowered by our police state political class, not to mention the global banking cartel who signs our under-the-table paychecks.

They are also trying to work the “Russia is an evil empire” angle. If they were good people, they would abandon the predominately Russian regions of what we now call “Ukraine” … those places where the US State Department puppet government were using bombs, missiles and artillery against the civilian populations until the Russian “Special Military Operation” pushed them out of range.

How about returning Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico back to Mexico? … or the native tribes??? Or Hawaii to Hawaiians? … Haiti to Haitians?? Puerto Rico to Puerto Ricans? NATO/Europe to the Europeans???

Oh no! The mantra must be:
Putin:bad, Putin:bad, Putin:bad, Russia:bad, Russia:bad, Russia:bad.
Sorry, gang, you sank that boat a long, long time ago.

I once again suggest you watch the Carlson/Putin interview yourself.

See what he actually does say. Keep in mind what he could say, but doesn’t… showing a whole lot more integrity than our own political operatives.

I know this comes across as if I were considering Vladimir as some sort of Good Guy. No. I don’t believe that of him any more than I believe it of Trump, Musk or the rest of the “made men” running things. Once in a while they let some move up in status within certain groups and this is Putin’s turn to gain a modicum of trust from those partially awake.

I appreciate little truths where I find them, but trust nobody at the top to care for me, us, humanity or nature.