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Tucker’s Putin interview

I watched it all. Two hours and seven minutes. Well worth the time and interest. I could not find a way to embed it in this article, so the link below takes you to the Tucker Carlson Network online television program. I highly recommend watching.

Tucker made several attempts to get controversial statements out of Putin, but none of them worked.

It is fun to watch a truly intelligent, and knowledgeable statesman operating in a line of work where he is exceptional.

Nearly everything I heard from Putin was fully backed by other sources and my memory of international incidents as they happened.

THAT is why The Deep State so desperately, frantically wanted to keep him off a public stage.

“THEY” were wrong every step of the way while Putin is, has been and will continue to be right.

One of the great features of this interview are the hard, cold facts that Putin withheld. He could have honestly and accurately SLAMMED the CIA and USofA State Department for corruption and malfeasance, but resisted those opportunities. He could have EVISCERATED current and past ‘Western Leaders’ many times over, but did not take those paths, even when they were offered.

“You should ask them” was a frequent Putin response, rather than harsh, unflattering, even evil truths that he full-well knew in glorious detail. I did not read Tucker as trying to get Putin to make clumsy public statements that would come back to haunt him, but there were certainly many opportunities for the Russian President to do exactly that.

I would rate it as much better than several month’s worth of lamestream media…

for a fraction of the viewer’s time investment.