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What are they hiding?

Whenever the politicians, banksters and presstitutes put a highly-publicized show in front of us, they are setting up something they really don’t want us to see offstage. What is this monster sneaking up on us?

What are THE BIG STORIES in our world today?

I focus here on USofA as well as globally as a key ingredient of THEIR Agenda 2030 is to eliminate the hard-to-break bastion of creativity and libertarian resistance that is/was our once free country in order to destroy the world as we know it, kill 97% of the human population and enslave the rest.. They are making disgustingly good progress.

World War

BIG STORIES are like provoking all of North Africa and Western Asia into attacking the USofA and everything associated with it by whatever means they can muster – that includes nuclear, biological and terror weapons that can, and probably will be deployed in the continental USofA.

Look at the regional map. Find Israel. Yeah. Almost too tiny to matter, but according to our politicians, that is why this globally-devastating world war HAS TO HAPPEN

So the USofA Army-Navy-Air Force-Marines scatter targets, I mean small military units, all around the powerful nations they are provoking IN HOPES??? of getting them destroyed so as to justify escalation to nuclear exchange levels-???

In 2014, the USofA State Department and CIA took over Ukraine in a coup with very little bloodshed. Since then, they worked their charge into a position they thought would destroy Russia as a nation, as a viable economy, as a military power and remove Putin from power. They failed completely on all counts.

NATO has thrown all it can into the war against Russia and had its A$$ handed to it. NON-USofA NATO countries are publicly admitting they do not have enough munitions and equipment to meet their own NATO assignments. Their USA masters demanded too many donations to be destroyed in the futile Ukrainian V Russia war.

Worse news for NATO is that in every heads-up conflict the Russian military has come out on top. Times Two: The Russian war production economy is thriving and at least a decade ahead of NATO’s potential for resupplying their military men and machines. Triple Worse: military ties, weapon and technology exchanges between USofA’s worst enemies are strengthening by the day.

Now NATO’s bus driver, the USofA State Department, has decided to turn Scandinavia into forward operating bases in their desire to threaten Russia with annihilation. Finland and Sweden have now been welcomed into this suicide pact. This will not go well.

The real point FOR THEM is they can make escalation in either or both of these war theaters seem like simple-minded politicians being foolish… witch is all the cover they need to destroy our planet.

Economic Collapse

They intend to have their “15-minute-cities”, lockdowns, centrally-controlled digital currency and all the dystopia we have been warned about. The dollar has to fall to make this happen. That is pretty-well set up to happen. Throwing it around with wild abandon has watered its value down close to zero. It is all over by the crying.

As a companion to this will be the collapse of our food supply. Over 27 food processing and producing facilities have been destroyed in the last couple of years. The oil and gas production and distribution has been critically injured. Reserves have been drained to as close to zero as possible. These are not coincidental. They will hurt.

Will a barter-exchange economy emerge, or will we line up for whatever they offer?

Societal Collapse

With at least two dozen Army Groups having been imported into our country in the last several years, our defenses will be stretched, to say the least, when the smart phones they all came in with tell them it is WAR TIME. None of the recent immigrants, illegal aliens or whatever you want to call them come from populations that love us.

Not coincidentally, our military forces will all be elsewhere in the world when we need them here the most. Substitutes will all come from more of those countries whose people despise ours and will be wearing blue helmets… a military force with a reputation for murder, rape and other abuse wherever they are deployed.

“THEIR” hope is that the ‘smart cities’ will offer a comfortable safe haven we will DO ANYTHING they require of us to live under the delusion of safety. That will be a rude awakening for those who are clueless regarding police states and fascist rulers.

So enjoy the theater

Just realize it is exactly that. Pretending won’t make it important. The big plays are in motion. Brace yourself for them. Don’t be surprised. Try to be prepared.