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February 3rd snapshot of 2024

This year will be quite interesting. So many monumental plates are spinning down at this moment that no magician can keep them all going. It appears that the black magicians have absolutely no interest in doing that, anyway.

They got these all in play in such a way as to crash them all at once, and stand in the wings ready to sweep up the pieces into their big trash cans full of nature, humanity and Earth itself.

I made a points-of-conflict list for reference as I recorded this video. Here is what I intended to cover, and embellish on, and what I expect to cover in print with links at The Bitterroot Bugle over the coming weeks.

Who are THEY?

invasion border crisis

Mediterranean, Red Sea, Scandanavia, Ukraine

NATO threatening Russia

arms trafficking, supplying our enemies

Chinese/Russian alliance, building strong China

farmland, infrastructure, food supply destruction

evisceration of US military, spreading military targets into harm’s way

cultural destruction, destruction of education, destruction of churches

Muslim takeover, Marxist, socialist, fascist rise

widespread human trafficking, pedophilia

destruction of Europe, British Isles

outsourcing all tech, creating precious metal dependencies

BRICS+++, financial collapse, crypto / e-currency replacement

Trump messiah buildup, theater Biden pretend presidency, malfeasance disguised as incompetence

cultural, gender scrambling, elimination of masculinity, demise of real women, destruction of motherhood, destroy nuclear families

creation of racial rifts, dumbing down of all, destruction of English language

15 minute cities; police state lockdown

directed energy weapons against US

grid collapse, shedding reserve oil, gas, gasoline


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