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California continues to impress

Every time I think the state government cannot come up with anything more stupid, they lower the bar once more. Enough of the 39 million people officially listed as residents go along with each and every cockamamie scheme that the government apparently feels licensed to go even lower … time after time.

Today I refer to their new reparations bill… introduced by the completely unbiased Reparations Task Force pictured on the right.

They have not yet sorted out what percentage of dark African genetics you must have, but I am certain that no white African blood will set you up with the special handouts from one of the brokest states in the union.

Forty or so years ago I was a supervisor on the most respected management team in the world. Hewlett Packard was studied globally and held up in university business management programs as “how it should be done”.

Knowing of my H-P Management & Supervision training, some of my college professors would elicit mini-lectures from me on various programs and methodologies.

We had an excellent Equal Opportunity Program for our hiring and promotions. Then the feds ordered us to add Affirmative Action. I and my company (both native Californians) were victims of that as we wrestled to meet these opposing objectives … with the federal mandate by law being the higher priority.

For the next forty plus years, white males were passed over for hiring and promotions because they were both white and male … and as such, completely ineligible for Affirmative Action… quite the opposite for sure.

I am most certain that this particular beleaguered group is not who the Reparations Committee has in mind.