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Major warning embedded in 2024 health insurance change

This video is from a woman who has been selling and servicing health insurance for many years. She is talking about a major change by multiple carriers for this year.

This is a “What the heck is going on” moment, but remember the global banking cartels have ALL THE MONEY and everything it can buy including the insurance companies. Moreover, they greedily grab up every penny they can take out of our pockets and scheme on ways to make us absolutely destitute slaves.

Excluding from coverage injuries or death from wars, insurrections, violent riots that they plan should not be surprising, but spelling it out in 2024 policies is a bit disconcerting, to say the least.

I find it easy to read into this what they have planned for great swaths of their “insured”… how about EXACTLY what they won’t cover with your insurance premiums.

Take their warning. Expect, and prepare for wars, insurrections, violent riots … obviously in major towns and cities. They will have to use something else against rural folks.