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Rx: approaching a fast

On January 1st I began a water (only) fast. I posted about it here: fasting instead of pharmacy Over the last few days I have begun noticing some of the health improvements I was seeking. I also, as I wrestle with fond memories of food and eating, have been thinking about why I am able to do this. My wife read much of the same information I did, decided to do a fast herself, then resumed eating after a bit over 24 hours off the stuff. What’s the difference? Among other things, this is not my first one. I have done 9-11 day fasts before and know I can do it again. More to the point I want to […]

If it all goes wrong, with whom will the police side?

I read this article republished on The American Thinker website. It was thoughtful, insightful and thought-provoking. I also agreed with it as I read along. Then I came to the comments section and found that I agreed with many of them, even those who disagreed with the article’s author, Mike McDaniel. It depends a lot on your experience with the police agencies in your area. I have experienced both good and bad, from inside and out. I suspect those in my current area of operation would be as Mike describes. I recommend both the article and the comments. You might choose to read it at The American Thinker, but I include it all here if you want to stay put. […]

looming crash of dollar and bank collapses

Many of us know the purchasing power of our dollars is 2% of what they used to be. That money did not disappear, the global banksters STOLE IT. With it they bought rulers, armies, corporations and darn-near anything that was not heavily defended. The declining dollar chart has been widely published. My modification in red is intended to highlight what part of the global money supply a small handful of hyper-wealthy have had to play with while the entire rest of humanity shared the leftovers among ourselves. The Cost of Living chart below shows what prices would be if the Feral Reserve or any form of central banking had never existed. They stole the difference between that and what […]

Hostile army invades the USofA

I have been accumulating a large number of links and information on a wide range of topics. Hopefully I can share much of that with you over the next days and weeks. 2024 is likely to be far and away the most challenging, changing year any of us have experienced. Our peace, tranquility, happiness, property and lives are all at risk. I will cover one of the fronts in this attack today. This invading army is funded, created and operated by the globalists who took over the banking system and governments of all but a few nations in the world today. The predominantly white, highly productive and liberty loving people of this country are a barrier to their dream […]

Why We Should Dread a Second Civil War

   JAMES WESLEY RAWLES  DECEMBER 31, 2023          Introductory Note: In a SurvivalBlog essay that I wrote back in January, 2019, I warned that there were signs that a Second Civil War might be brewing. I’d like to update and expand on that theme, in this essay. — The recent release of the first trailer for the scheduled April 2024 release of the A24 Productions movie titled Civil War has prompted considerable conjecture. The film reportedly had a $75 million budget. Commentator Tim Pool posted his thoughts on it, and then followed up with a more in-depth panel discussion, and then another. Dozens of others have also chimed in, so YouTube is now replete with “Civil War Trailer Reaction” videos, from both right-wingers and left-wingers. Many conservatives are scratching their heads, doubting how […]

fasting instead of pharmacy

I am once again making myself visit the powerful medicine of fasting. I have been waiting for my immune system to kick a few problems, but that has not yet happened. It is time to bring out the serious troops. Normies hie themselves down to the diploma-ed drug pushers who have an extensive cornucopia of drugs for every side effect they prescribe. That is unattractive to me, hard to watch in others, yet I understand the draw. I considered scheduling a 20-day fast in December, but there were too many engagements on my calendar that would sorely tempt me towards social eating. It would have made a challenging task even more difficult as well as being rather anti-social to […]

Vladimir Putin’s letter to the world:

Dear inhabitants of our beautiful planet Earth, I, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, decided to address all of you directly, bypassing diplomats, your leaders and journalists. In Russia, there is a so-called “Ural exchange”, where it is forbidden to lie, deceive and exaggerate. Therefore, I will speak very honestly so that everyone will be convinced of the truth of my words. Russia is a big and rich country, its most important value is more than 150 million people who live in a territory where justice is above all. We don’t need new territories.  We have energy and all other resources are abundant. Since the time of the Great Tartar and the Great Mughals, the peoples of […]