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Beware Eagle Pass Texas Trap

On January 27th, I posted a warning about Eagle Pass being a setup to entrap patriots into a potential disaster. My warning was primarily inspired by this video by Michael Yan on Info Wars. Whatever you think of Alex Jones, he is correct A LOT. Which is something that cannot be said about the dominant news sources.

For the most part, Alex stays out of Michael’s way as he explains his research, analysis and why he fears for those activists who are heading for this border trap.

His message and evidence fit well with my own observations … that is, it smells like the truth. In a few days we will know for certain, but I sure wouldn’t take a chance of finding out with anything like the penalties the January 6th victims are suffering.

This one could be a lot worse, if that is imaginable.

Speaking of unimaginably worse, the real situation at the USofA-Mexico border is indeed worse than I had imagined. The invasion of our country is awful. The war that will follow is horrifying. But the border situation is something beyond what most of us thought. I will do more with this later, but look at what Robert F. Kennedy Jr found.

“The Cartels are running our border.”